Matthew had a parasitic worm in his eye that was eating away at his retina.While hearing about a worm eating a person’s eye may beWorms eyes stomach-churning, experts say parasitic infections occur frequently around the world — and even in the United States. Such cases often serve as an unsettling reminder that despite modern medicine, humans are not always at the top of the food chain. – ABC News

The quote above is actually a recent news story about some dude from the U.S. who noticed a dark spot in his vision and was starting to go blind. He then went to an eye doctor who made the medical diagnosis that this dark spot he saw was actually a worm feeding and living on his eyeball. The doctor’s treatment to kill the worm was to burn it alive with a laser.

What is an interesting note to my readers, is that this worm infection in the eye is what experts say, “occurs frequently around the world.”

Maybe you or someone you know is going blind and they do not know why. Quite possibly it is a worm that is reeking havoc on your eyesight or someone you love, and this is not just old age or some random event.

As St. John had said, “Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”,” and maybe in this case we can now say, “When You Kill the Worm, and You Shall Then See.”

I have been writing about worms infesting humans on the Gnostic Warrior for quite sometime now. There are many past articles that you can check out on this blog that provide more proof to back up my claims. Some people think when I write these articles, that they are fiction, that I’m trying to spread fear porn, or I’m involved in some type of worm conspiracy. But these people could not be farther from the worm truth. Quite possibly they might have a worm eating their brain causing them not be able to think or reason clearly. After all the research I have done on this subject, I wouldn’t doubt that we may have a society currently being ruled by the worm rather than by the human.

As it is said in the bible, “For the moth shall eat them up like a garment, and the worm shall eat them like wool” – Isaiah 51:8

Do you ignorantly think that these passages on worms in the bible were written as lies or are just parables? Or quite possibly they were hidden scientific facts and warnings about these worms to future generations by the authors of the Bible. My research, Gnosis and intuition have already proven with a shadow of a doubt that is the latter. What you choose to believe or not believe is your own choice.

Once you understand the fact that we humans are not always at the top of the food chain, you will understand our current reality in what I would like to call the worm matrix and worm races. Simply put, the worm is king of this world and may the strongest worm win the races in ruling over humanity.

All you have to do is go on Youtube or start searching on Google to witness the worm revelations that I have made frequently in my writings. There are plenty of videos, pictures, blogs and books that explain these eye eating worm facts.

Here is a book, Diseases of the Eye and Ophthalmoscopy: A Handbook for Physicians and Students by Adolf Eugen Fick that speaks about the worms in the eyes that are seen as spots that cloud the vision and cause poor eyesight and eventual blindness;

The commonest occurrence is that the larva rests at first behind the retina, and during its growth, either with or without the external vesicle, breaks into the vitreous. Such a case is most important, not only on account of its comparative frequency, but also with reference to its treatment, and is, therefore, used as the basis for the following description :

The first sign of the larva within the eye is a visual disturbance in the form of a dark spot, whose location in the visual field is dependent upon the location of the larva in the eye. Later on, there is distortion and finally cloudiness of the entire visual field, and consequently a reduction of vision, even if the larva lies eccentrically in the fundus.

Here is more proof below in the form of a visual example of worms in the eyes from a Youtube video of Doctors in India who examined a man suffering from eye irritation and found a five-inch worm living inside his eye.

Here is another video of the American TV show called Monsters Inside Me;

If you want to see more of these videos, I have a few more embedded below that you can view after this article.

For thousands of years, many trained doctors who used mostly natural healing had considered worms to be one of the main causes of illness. The ancient Chinese believed that almost all disease was the result of the worm. Many of the old-time physicians and esteemed writers also held similar beliefs.

This all seemed to change when our current “for profit” medical system was purposely changed in the last one hundred years to the God of Commerce, Hermes whose symbol is the duality of two serpents of the Caduceus, or Rod of Hermes. Before the current era, the medical profession was represented by the God of Medicine, Asclepius, a deity associated with healing and medicine whose symbol is single serpent-entwined. Hence, a system of medical truth where people are placed before profits was replaced by one of medical illusions and sorcery for the detriment of human kind for the material gain of profits. Here are the symbols I’m speaking of below.

Rod of Asclepius and Hermes

Once you understand the implications on humanity of what I just wrote, you will then be awakened to your medical reality.

The scientific facts are that human beings are infested with various different organisms and parasites that feed upon our flesh, blood and bones. We have a total of eight different worms that call our bodies home; one of these worms happens to love crawling on our skin where it eventually makes its way into our eyeballs and can impair our sight and may make us go blind, such as what is seen in other countries that they have labeled river blindness.

It is here in the eye socket that the worm wiggles into its new home and where it eventually find your eyeball a more suitable place to feed and live its life. It is here in the eye where it feeds upon the eyeball and retina, slowly eating away the person’s ability to see.

In researching worms in the eyes, and worms causing blindness, I was not surprised to find a lot of supporting evidence to substantiate my claims made in this article and many of my other articles. If you were to research this yourself, you will also most likely find a plethora of experts, doctors, people, videos and blogs by people who have made the connection between the worms that infest humans and the diseases that afflict human such as blindness.

Here are some sources below that are both old and new, and that will help educate you on the facts that the worms inside our bodies eventually make their way into our eyes, and if they are left there for too long a period, they will cause impaired eyesight and possible blindness.

This is a recent worm news story from ABC News:

John Matthews of Bellevue, Iowa didn’t know why he continuously suffered last year from hazy vision and kept seeing dark spots.

His ophthalmologist, Dr. James Folk of the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics, gave Matthew the shocking diagnosis back in December: Matthew had a parasitic worm in his eye that was eating away at his retina.While hearing about a worm eating a person’s eye may be stomach-churning, experts say parasitic infections occur frequently around the world — and even in the United States. Such cases often serve as an unsettling reminder that despite modern medicine, humans are not always at the top of the food chain.

Here are a few cases below of people who were going blind that were treated for worms and had their eyesight restored. Some other patients who died with various complications that included blindness were dissected and in their bodies they found many worms. These were reported in the book, A Practical treatise on the diseases of the eye By William Mackenzie;

One of my medical friends informs me, that he some time ago treated a child, who was amaurotic, and who at the same time passed numerous lumbrici, to which he was led to attribute the affection of the eyes. The amaurosis, however, did not yield to anthelmintic remedies; the child died, and on dissection the pituitary gland was found dilated into a tumour, which pressed upon the optic nerves, and had caused the absorption of their medullary substance.

That amaurosis from worms is not a frequent disease, may be concluded from the fact, that Bremser36 merely quotes from Hannams, that a little girl of four years of age, who had lost the powers of seeing and of speaking, was cured by the use of vermifuges; and from Kemer, that two persons, affected with amaurosis, were cured by
the evacuation of ascarides. Rognetta37 quotes from Weller, the case of a little girl, aged six, who had been for three years completely amaurotic. Every other means having failed, anthelmintic powders were given, in consequence of which the child passed thirteen lumbrici in six days. By the continued use of purgatives, vision was in a great measure restored. In a case recorded by Petrequin38, a cure was effected chiefly by the employment of the seeds of the santonicum, or artemisia judaica.

Case 909. — I have seen only one instance of amaurosis caused by worms. It occurred in a girl seven years of age, a patient at the Glasgow Eye Infirmary. After an attack of inflammation of the eyes, attended by headache, her vision was left dim, when suddenly her pupils became widely dilated and immoveable. The abdomen was much swollen. About a month previously to this she bad passed a lumbricus. A mixture of castor oil and oil of turpentine being given in doses of half an ounce every third morning, she passed at di lie-rent times nine lumbrici, and vomited two, after which the belly became soft, the pupils contracted when the eyes were exposed to the light, and in the course of a few months’ treatment vision was restored.

Case 910.—Delarue relates the case of a young country lad, who being brought to the Hdtel-Dieu at Clermont-Farrand, was found to be blind, his pupils much dialated, the expression of his countenance wild, his face swollen and injected; and his mind affected by times with fits of excitement. He was reported to have been bit by a mad dog, and was placed in a room on the ground-floor appropriated to hydrophobic patients. He refused to take drink or food of any kind, and died the first night after entering the hospital. On dissection, the intestines were found to contain above 160 lumbrici.”

More videos of worms in the eyes:

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