There are many stories that have been told over the course of history about animated statues that come to life, brazen talking heads, and wooden puppets Worm - Legowho become little boys. I had written about some of them in my recent article, The Medieval Artificial Intelligence of Mechanical Talking Heads.

A few examples, would be the story of the Knights Templar who were said to be in possession of a Brazen Head known as Baphomet that could give them answers to their questions, and the first French Catholic Pope, Gerbert of Aurillac, AKA Pope Sylvester II (c. 945–1003 CE). There is also the more modern story of Pinocchio who was a wooden puppet that was transformed into a “real boy.”

These old stories may seem like fantasies dreamed up by some creative author, but the facts are what was once considered mythology, may soon became a scientific reality.

Scientists, at what has been dubbed as the “Open Worm Project”, have created an artificial intelligence (AI) by developing a digital version of a worm brain that they have uploaded into a LEGO robot. The LEGO has now become animated by responding to the worm’s thoughts and actions.

Researchers are trying to make the LEGO robot mimic worm behaviours like feeding, movement and mate-finding. However, they have been only able to get the worm controlled robot to only perform obstacle avoidance. This is all done without any software programs, and the worm is able to control the robot using special sensors which allow it to react to its environment.

“We are using a bottom-up approach, aimed at observing the worm behaviour emerge from a simulation of data derived from scientific experiments carried out over the past decade,” the researchers said.

On the Open Worm Project’s home page it says, “Building the first digital life form. Open source.” Their goal is to create the world’s first virtual organism in a computer, a C.elegans nematode.

However, it appears that the ultimate goal of this project will be to prove that it’s possible to upload a human brain to a computer. This project can be described as a transhumanist endeavor that may indicate the future of life on earth by the scientific sorcerers who are playing as if they are God, and who can change the code of life to follow their own man-made desires.

It is interesting to note that modern scientists have been successful in uploading the brain of a worm into a plastic Lego, and the old wizards of the past were said to be in possession of brazen heads that were reputed to be able to answer any question they had asked of it. They were accused of using demons and devils to animate brazen heads, and now today we have worm brains powering plastic LEGO’s.

As I have written in many of my articles before, I believe modern science is now proving that many of these fantastic ancient stories, that at one time seemed unbelievable and were once thought to be purely mythological, may in fact turn out to be scientific realities that can be substantiated.

But in the end, when it is all said and done, what does this all accomplish?

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