Why I talk about DNA, blood and my ancestors

The reason I often talk about DNA, blood, and my ancestors is because I’m very interested in where my ancient family had DNA Braincome from and where they have been. This DNA leaves me a trail of clues to search for the truth of my true origins. It helps me get educated, not only on who they were and what they had done, but it also assists in helping me understand who I Am and why I do the things I do.

This research is really some of the most soul fulfilling stuff that I have ever done in my life. I really suggest that some of you do the same kind of research into your own DNA. If you need help, please shoot me an email or comment here.

You see, maybe like you, I really do not have many “real friends” to discuss these subjects with, other than my beautiful wife whom is my biggest fan. She is awesome and I absolutely love talking to her, but having a blog helps me reach other individuals around the world who may also care about what I have to say, and others who may at least be interested in some of the topics I write about. In addition, I want to know if I’m right or wrong so I can be challenged by anyone out there in the world, since there is not a soul other than mine or my wife that I can bounce or debate these ideas off of.

Yes, I’m a loner and introvert as well. Two traits that actually serve me well in this dog eat dog world.

My motives are simply self discovery and truth about the past, since I have been lied to since birth. Both advertently and inadvertently. My work is NOT about me, but just the truth and knowledge. If you think it is, then you are falsely judging me based on your own views of the world, in which you are falsely projecting on me. Hence, this is about my Gnosis and not yours, which most people, even self-proclaimed modern Gnostics do not understand. These articles I write about DNA, blood, and my ancestors more often than not, only makes me more enemies that I do not wish to have, nor offend, but it is what it is and all I can do is keep following my heart and yes, my blood. A heart that has been ripped from my soul, and all I wish to do is unite the two in holy matrimony.

The reason I publish my research and Gnosis is so others can learn from what I have done, or at the very least, I can give you some good ideas on how to achieve your own Gnostic Warrior life. The path to Gnosis is never easy, and the only true way to attain it is through your own hard work, blood, a good heart, and knowledge of the right subjects that fit your exact DNA profile. Yes, there are those words blood and DNA again….

I do not do write these articles to say, “Hey look at me or hey look at my ancestors.” To think that way of me is understandable because it may appear like this to an outsider judging me or someone of another race. But the facts are, that is just “their opinion,” and in the end, it is only an opinion based on their ignorance of my heart.

This false opinion about my work is simply not true and they do not know me or my motives.  This is why I just like to hang out with my wife and kids who love me unconditionally and do not judge me by my every word or breathe. 99% of humanity will not love me unconditionally. Hence, why I like to be a loner with a blog and podcast 😉

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    Supers article trés bien merci a vous ( je suis Hermtiste Chrétien ).

    Pouvez vous m’aidez pour la recherche de mon ADN ?

    je suis Frédéric Révéillon Luc laurent né le 6.5.1971 France

    Je suis un soltitaire involontaire aussi (mais sans femme hélas ) , c’est la logique plus on évolue moins on est compris et plus on est seule .

    Rester dans la gnose le salue par l’esprit .

    L’homme est comme une croix , ils croissent , souffre (cherche ) et se libére ..l’aigle le taureau et le lion et l’ange pu verseau .

  2. Out of Africa is indeed utterly discredited, Moe.

    The Afrocentric thesis is as amoral and absurd as the Nazi-Evolian thesis of anthropogenesis of humankind, originally supposedly purely Nordic phenotypically, magically appearing at the North Pole from some sort of alter-verse.

    Gnostics do not tolerate ethnocentric and tribal-identity prejudices from any group or sector of the species, period – no room is given for “Aryans”, Jews or “African-Blacks” to distort their terrestrial hereditary into a false, nescient device of egoistic, or projective communalized, self-aggrandizement.

    The reality is the formation of H. S. Sapiens is multiplex and multidimensional beyond description.

    SOME of the nuclei of humanoid type indeed developed in African lands… YET, MANY, MANY H. S. sub-branches, as the “Secret Doctrine” always knew and taught, developed differently, variously, variably… Eurasian hominization is incontrovertible and its unearthed data allow dating to antient times the “Afro-primacy” theory does not even come close to…

    There is indeed a monogenetic humankind, but no simple globular linear blob of a species without idio-variations of all sorts of significance…

    BTW, I find it hilarious you consider your Y-DNA haplogroup as a sign of confirmatory Semitic-Judaic etc. bloodline. These haplogroups admit of so many interpretations and speculative possibilities, “racial thinking” simply cannot be applied here… Your sub-clade of E could mean a million things, just so you know…

    The Jewish genealogic venal hawkers of the “COHEN MODAL HAPLOTYE” etc. marker are criminals, frankly. There is no such thing. Cohen lineages within Jewry contain G2, R1a1, I, Q etc. – everything except directly archaic Negroid, basically.

    On the other hand, some of your “ethnologic” thoughts I find stimulatory and refreshing, and corroborating my own unfashionable thoughts. I have in mind the Wu-Sun-Scytho-Anglian thesis you have creatively put forward. Sure it’s imperfect, but it really does hold many elements of historic reality modern scholiasts idiotically dismiss.

    Yet: DNA ultimately has NOTHING to do with Gnosis. Meta-genetics is a science leading nowhere. Certain Nazis developed similar notions; cf. Serrano, “DIVINE BLOOD OF THE BLACK SUN OF DEMIGOD ARYA”, and identical Jewish-Zionist theories divisive to civilization.

    The whole point of Gnostic initiatic palingenesis is the transcendent overcoming of the clay-stuff of DNA and all its evil offshoots of personal self-concept delusion, tribal self-worship (modernly, “communitarianism/nationalism”), the amoral collectivistic enmeshment within mere telluric materiality. The EGREGORE dwells on the Threshold thereby…

  3. Hi, just want to say how much I am enjoying reading your reseachild. The trouble now is I don’t know what to believe 🙂 it seems lately that every where I turn it debunks it and something new comes up!! So what is truth or is there no such thing?

  4. Thank you Moe! Like yourself, and many of your followers, I am on a Quest Of Knowledge. Since my very young age, I have had this burning desire to know and understand. Over the course of some forty years, I have read thousands of books on history, religion, philosophy, archeology, anthropology, etc… As well as seen innumerable documentaries and youtube videos on virtually every topic that relates to these studies.
    I find it very comforting that I am not the only knowledge freak in this world, and I congratulate all my common brothers and sisters who have the same burning desire to know… The knowledge of self; and especially Occult Gnosis, are truly intriguing studies; the ultimate goal for everyone is to find their place within this holographic reality, and to begin building the bridge to our future, and to our past simultaneously, in order to grow in Spirituality, and to enter into the higher dimensions of reality; in essence, to travel upon the prophetic journey of life. I truly enjoy your website! And I commend you on your deep research of many topics relevant to the discovery and preservation of our inner-man; our soul. It takes great courage to step out of the societal box that the masses live in; and even greater courage to reveal your deepest thoughts to the general public. As in one of your previous articles, where you discuss the finer details of DNA in relation to a sexual partner being incorporated into your own personal DNA; we learn that the coagulation traverses far greater aspects than just our physical body. It incorporates our astral, mental, and emotional body; and creates a bond that is both far reaching, and long lasting; possibly for life. We are the products of our forefathers, their DNA flows within our blood and our physiognomy! Even though many of them are no longer with us in our earthly life, their celestial life is far from over, which makes the etheric bond a living reality. I am a firm believer that we are the Gods that must be worshipped; for the heavenly realm begins with each of us; in other words! The kingdom of God is within us… Our forefathers are alive and well! By Blessing and honoring them, we are securing a living bond, that creates not only a covering upon our lives, it opens the door for the transference of knowledge and truth to be conveyed into our reality through the spiritual and celestial gifts that can be attained with our living brain. Keep up the good work…

  5. My mistake. The third line down to the right was meant to read morphic resonances NOT moronic resonances. The autospeller on my kindle put that in. The word moronic resonances sounds terrible. I did not intend that. My apology.

  6. The topic of one’s ancestors and in particular one’s DNA is most intriguing as you, Moe, communicated. I am intrigued with extra extra extra curiosity as you Moe described and explained the great interconnections this has to do with true knowing, correct me if wrong. That is knowing, my interpretation here, so as to recall true knowledge (even previous lives or moronic resonances and cell memories be they individual and or collective). My intrigue as a gnostic is to understand gnosis so as to be with,real ourselves/humanity with interconnections to life and our higher power(s) (aka our heavenly parents and their parents and relatives–as above so below). I feel that excessive extroversion (over valued is materialism taken to destruction) can shrink too much of nearly everything (like a unwanted psychiatric left brain like eval and or right brain sylopism) too much of holding up to excessive disection including ones clothing metaphorically speaking can make things not fit right to say the least. Kinda like the Presidental candidate well met after shaking too many hands that came out of Edward Barney. I beleive (aka father of public relations). What a scary thing it would be to find oneself related to the dude that set up the Hague International Court where Saddam Housane was never taken (William Howard Taft) or Woudrow Wilson anther archon that lead humanity to lack of personal soverenty due to globalism that lacks foundation in NATURAL LAW (aka Devine feminine and Devine masculine to make ego a mediator not into a King/dictator jerk).

    My a apology I got a carried away. It seems okay to post. I will email you Moe regarding DNA research into ancestors.

  7. It is believed we all come from East Africa. It is referred to as the cradle of man kind. I’m interested in the journey from east Africa to Latin America. Your articles are very helpful to me in developing a migration pattern. I believe that the original number of people that migrated to the new world was approximately 600 not accounting for the people who came later by sea. This would indicate that the Native Americans originated from these initial six hundred people. If this is correct these six hundred people were the prototype for the indigenous people.

    1. My wife is also of a similar migration because she is Latin from Spain to Mexico. Interesting note on the original number of people that migrated to the new world was approximately 600. Do you have any research on this? Take care!

      1. I got my information from a genetic study that was aired on PBS. They actually traced the migration of genes (people) from East Africa to the new world. They found a generic link between people living in East Africa and some Jews living in the US. I found some evidence that the Jewish culture may have been here way before Columbus. The Mormons believe that one of the Tribes of Israel may have migrated all the way to the new world. Reading your research points me towards the realization that Jews have played an Important role in the history of mankind.

      1. No it hasn’t and is a theory. We all come from different places. Maybe we come from a worm hole in the ground and grew brains, legs and arms. Now that seems more plausible…

      2. No it hasn’t and it is a theory. We all come from different places. Maybe we come from a worm hole in the ground and grew brains, legs and arms. Now that seems more plausible…

        1. Out of Africa has been debunked bro, there is a threads and numerous blog posts where a German part-time linguist and anthropologist falsifies and debunks most of the common false ideas and common myths that form the foundations of OOA:


          He even states than an Out of America model is more plausible then an out of Africa model:


          Check it out 🙂

  8. Moe, nothing could be farther from the truth than my judging your DNA studies. I find it personally interesting and love your work. You haven’t heard from me lately because I have been on an extended 6 weeks trip. I assure you that I totally understand.

    1. Aloha my Hawaii friend! Thanks as always for your kind words and support Nancy. I hope you enjoyed your trip and glad to see you made it back safely. Mahalo – Moe

  9. Hi. Moe. I also like your site and we are connected to our ancestors I think as well. I am sure some people could be said to worship their ancestors and besides blood and DNA could be our ancestors. My father always said I reminded him so much of his grandmother. And my grandfather was always so protective of me from my brother. He alas was from outside our family I think. also I have been viewed as snob if I speak of my ancestors. I did descend from nobility in England and from a dissenter who came to America in 1632. He was arrested in England but his uncle, an Earl got him free though he refused at first to apologize. I am proud. And I descended from the first governor of Massachusetts. I joined cokonial dames and proved ancestry in part to honor my father and ancestors who honored their ancestors. Thank you for your site. And. I too feel alone in this world

    1. Hello Joanne! Great to meet you. This is what is so amazing and beautiful about the internet. I’m sure like me, you just want to honor them and learn, not act like you are some royal queen just because of your relations. Many people seem to misunderstand this study of DNA as worship or we are wanna be royals, when in reality, we are just “wanna knows” who want to be educated about our pasts is all. I truly appreciate your feedback and bless you always.

  10. Hi Moe I do like your site I’m on the same(similar) Quest….Human His tory is a long mysterious amazing road we all share ….Son’s of Noah

  11. I can’t tell you how DELIGHTED I am that you DO speak of your DNA and that of other topics you discuss! The articles on the Koans of Crete are thrilling! Thank you.

    1. Thanks so much for the kind words and comment Silvah. Not many people are aware of this connection to Crete with the Tribes of Israel and also the Kohens (Koans) of Kos. Glad you are Able to find truth in my truths and Gnosis 🙂 Peace be with you!

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