The reason I often talk about DNA, blood, and my ancestors is because I’m very interested in where my ancient family had DNA Braincome from and where they have been. This DNA leaves me a trail of clues to search for the truth of my true origins. It helps me get educated, not only on who they were and what they had done, but it also assists in helping me understand who I Am and why I do the things I do.

This research is really some of the most soul fulfilling stuff that I have ever done in my life. I really suggest that some of you do the same kind of research into your own DNA. If you need help, please shoot me an email or comment here.

You see, maybe like you, I really do not have many “real friends” to discuss these subjects with, other than my beautiful wife whom is my biggest fan. She is awesome and I absolutely love talking to her, but having a blog helps me reach other individuals around the world who may also care about what I have to say, and others who may at least be interested in some of the topics I write about. In addition, I want to know if I’m right or wrong so I can be challenged by anyone out there in the world, since there is not a soul other than mine or my wife that I can bounce or debate these ideas off of.

Yes, I’m a loner and introvert as well. Two traits that actually serve me well in this dog eat dog world.

My motives are simply self discovery and truth about the past, since I have been lied to since birth. Both advertently and inadvertently. My work is NOT about me, but just the truth and knowledge. If you think it is, then you are falsely judging me based on your own views of the world, in which you are falsely projecting on me. Hence, this is about my Gnosis and not yours, which most people, even self-proclaimed modern Gnostics do not understand. These articles I write about DNA, blood, and my ancestors more often than not, only makes me more enemies that I do not wish to have, nor offend, but it is what it is and all I can do is keep following my heart and yes, my blood. A heart that has been ripped from my soul, and all I wish to do is unite the two in holy matrimony.

The reason I publish my research and Gnosis is so others can learn from what I have done, or at the very least, I can give you some good ideas on how to achieve your own Gnostic Warrior life. The path to Gnosis is never easy, and the only true way to attain it is through your own hard work, blood, a good heart, and knowledge of the right subjects that fit your exact DNA profile. Yes, there are those words blood and DNA again….

I do not do write these articles to say, “Hey look at me or hey look at my ancestors.” To think that way of me is understandable because it may appear like this to an outsider judging me or someone of another race. But the facts are, that is just “their opinion,” and in the end, it is only an opinion based on their ignorance of my heart.

This false opinion about my work is simply not true and they do not know me or my motives.  This is why I just like to hang out with my wife and kids who love me unconditionally and do not judge me by my every word or breathe. 99% of humanity will not love me unconditionally. Hence, why I like to be a loner with a blog and podcast 😉

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