Question from a reader: What is the Serpent? Adam or The Devil Genesis 3:1Michelangelo-The-Fall-and-Expulsion-of-Adam-and-Eve-Sistine-Chapel

My Answer: In Christianity, it is the devil. Dante called the devil, a worm.

Reader comment: Some Christians believe that Satan The devil is a personification of human nature this is not an abstraction but that physical principle of the animal nature, which is the cause of all its diseases, death, and resolution into dust.

It is that in the flesh “which has the power of death” and it is called sin, because the development, or fixation, of this evil in the flesh, was the result of transgression. Inasmuch as this evil principle pervades every part of the flesh, the animal nature is styled “sinful flesh,” that is, “flesh full of sin”; so that sin, in the sacred style, came to stand for the substance called man. In human flesh “dwells no good thing” (Rom. 7:17,18); and all the evil a man does is the result of this principle dwelling in him.

My Response: This is because most people are controlled by the worm/parasite who we also know as the devil that controls their nervous systems. This is why he is called the Great Dragon, and Prince of the Earth.

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