"Take it not amiss, that the alchemy I teach yields neither gold nor silver; but look upon it as the key which opens the arcana of medicine to you." - Paracelsus" Type = ArtScans RGB : Gamma = 1.882

The most simple explanation of alchemy, is that it is a biological science based on mastering the chemicals and energies within and without our bodies that are the result of being human. It is the science of perfecting these chemical energies of our souls, spirits and human bodies, through our thoughts, feelings, food intake and actions.

When the science of alchemy is done correctly, it can literally transform us into super healthy spiritual human beings that are able to operate at peak performance in almost all that we do. When we master ourselves both physically and mentally, we can then become master's of our own universe in order to live loving lives that are not only filled with abundance, but through which we can also prevent or cure our own diseases and prolong our lives.

This alchemical process that we undergo while living, also follows us into death. It is very important that you understand this. Not only is it true, that what you think and how you act, you shall become; but also how you think and act will determine where your soul will go when you die.

An alchemical process, that can make someone who is born of immortal energies and chemicals from the heavens, to  then be transformed into mortal earth energies that become part of the dark orb because they have changed their whole alchemical make up while they had lived, by not living as they should have.

Charles Darwin somewhat explains this process in his Origin of Species, p. 199: "The old notion of all the inhabitants of the earth having been swept away at successive periods by catastrophes, is now generally given up. On the contrary, we have every reason to believe that species and groups of species gradually disappear, one after another, first from one spot, then from another, and finally from the world."

Hence, those humans who disregard nature's and heaven's laws, their souls will gradually disappear, one after another from our earth.

This theory was originally developed by Aristotle, who said all things in the universe were formed from only four elements: earth, air, water, and fire in which each element had a sphere to which it belonged and to which it would return if left undisturbed. When Aristotle says that all things in the universe were formed from only four elements, that also includes us humans. The key phrases I would like to focus on is, "it would return if left undisturbed."

what is alchemy

The goal of the alchemist is to not disturb these elements of earth, air, water, and fire, but to make them function properly on the AS WITHIN of our bodies and minds, so we can function properly on the AS WITHOUT.

H.J. Sheppard gives the following as a comprehensive summary: Alchemy is the art of liberating parts of the Cosmos from temporal existence and achieving perfection which, for metals is gold, and for man, longevity, then immortality and, finally, redemption. Material perfection was sought through the action of a preparation (Philosopher's Stone for metals; Elixir of Life for humans), while spiritual ennoblement resulted from some form of inner revelation or other enlightenment (Gnosis, for example, in Hellenistic and western practices). (Wikipedia)

When we disturb these elements by wrong thoughts, feelings, food intake and our actions, we do not function properly on the AS WITHIN, which it then causes strife with the chemical properties in our bodies and then wreak havoc to then cause disease and also cause the quality of our lives to deteriorate until we die of a self-induced death. The facts are, that most humans today are disturbing these alchemical forces at an alarming rate and this is why we see many diseases like cancer, heart attacks and strokes.

In his 1766 Alchemical Catechism, Théodore Henri de Tschudi denotes that the usage of the metals was a symbol:

Q. When the Philosophers speak of gold and silver, from which they extract their matter, are we to suppose that they refer to the vulgar gold and silver? A. By no means; vulgar silver and gold are dead, while those of the Philosophers are full of life.

In the eyes of a variety of esoteric and Hermetic practitioners, the heart of alchemy is spiritual. Transmutation of lead into gold is presented as an analogy for personal transmutation, purification, and perfection. This approach is often termed 'spiritual', 'esoteric', or 'internal' alchemy.(Wikipedia)

alchemy hermesWhere did the science of alchemy originate?

This science is one of the oldest on earth and that at one time was common knowledge amongst many nations. The original concept of alchemy comes to us from Egypt as the secret doctrine of Hermes. These secret teachings of the soul and body would later migrate to Arabia and would be incorporated into the early schools of Christianity. Concepts that would give rise to allegorical teachings in the bible that are simply based on alchemy. Teachings such as those by the master Jesus, who had went into the desert for 40 days and nights to fast and pray in order to cleanse his mind, body and soul so that he alchemically transforms himself. A process that can cleanse, purify and cure a majority of our ailments, whether they be mental, physical or spiritual.

Early alchemists, such as Zosimos of Panopolis (c. AD 300), highlights the spiritual nature of the alchemical quest, symbolic of a religious regeneration of the human soul. This approach continued in the Middle Ages, as metaphysical aspects, substances, physical states, and material processes were used as metaphors for spiritual entities, spiritual states, and, ultimately, transformation. In this sense, the literal meanings of 'Alchemical Formulas' were a blind, hiding their true spiritual philosophy. Practitioners and patrons such as Melchior Cibinensis and Pope Innocent VIII existed within the ranks of the church, while Martin Luther applauded alchemy for its consistency with Christian teachings. (Wikipedia)

What Alchemy is Not

It is not about the transmutation of the base metals into gold, in order to become rich like the Rothschilds. That is just an allegory to describe what happens to our blood when we become master alchemists who properly manage our thoughts, feelings, food intake and actions. This proper use of the mind and body can transform us into humans who operate at a much higher level than other humans who simply do not properly manage their thoughts, feelings, food intake and actions. Hence, the man or woman in control of himself is in control of his world, and is more likely to be able to become a success in all that they do.

There are other alleged gurus out there that say alchemy is simply the uniting of the opposites. This is simply not true, and it is much more complicated than just uniting your opposites, which is just when you unite your soul with your body. When you unite your soul with your body, you are essentially becoming a whole person. If you are a man who has married his body, which is sometimes referred to as the divine masculine with his soul, which is his over Lord and can be called the divine feminine.

The science of the world that we see today is an offshoot of ancient alchemy. The words "alchemy" and "chemistry" were used interchangeably during most of the seventeenth century; only during the eighteenth century was a distinction drawn rigidly between the two. But the facts are, that most of the white coats today simply do not respect this fact and they actually have a disdain for this "ancient wisdom". Hence, they have little respect for their roots or ancestors, because their job is simply not to prolong life, but quite the opposite.

Here is a quote from Bussell's History of Medicine that explains that at one time, the third pillar of medicine is alchemy and over the course of the 20th century, this third pillar was removed from the practice of medicine. Hence, you have to replace this science of the third pillar yourself if you want to live and die as an immortal soul.

The true physician, he maintained, the man gifted with the power of healing was like a poet, born not made. This power must be kept alive and cultivated by the physician's keeping himself responsive to nature; for as long as he is in this relation he sees and knows a disease at a glance, and he can tell with equal facility and certainty to what plant or mineral this spiritual existence bears the closest resemblance; so that, being similar in kind, but stronger in degree, the one might subdue the other. "Thus," he says, " go the arcana," by which he means the specific antidotes, " against the enemy, as one combatant against another, like two champions ranged one against another; both cold or both hot, both armed with the same weapons, so they engage in their deadly duel. What is this arcanum V Simply the curing power, whatever that is.

If the disease be of a mechanical nature, so must the remedy be. What is the arcanum of the stone? We shall not find it in the humors, or in the hot or cold character of the disease, but in the knife. The knife is the arcanum of the stone. Every disease has its own proper arcanum. That is the thing to be discovered, etc." (Dr. Schultz, passim.) So he had also advanced ideas of the preparation of medicines. "Take it not amiss," he says, "that the alchemy I teach yields neither gold nor silver; but look upon it as the key which opens the arcana of medicine to you. Alchemy makes no gold; it makes arcana, and directs them against disease. What is it that ripens the pears?

What is it that brings the grapes to maturity? Nothing but Nature's alchemy. As the matter of the pear exists in the blossom, but is of no use until it be ripened, so medicine must be extracted by the alchemy of the physician. As the grain has to go through a process of decomposition before it springs into a plant and yields its harvest, so must medicinal subtances be submitted to the resolving action of heat, in order that out of this fermentation there may come forth arcana. What fire performs in the kitchen, that is alchemy.

What is alchemy? A preparation of medicines, a purifier of medicines, giving them perfect or entire, so that the physician may fully accomplish his art. The third pillar of medicine is alchemy; not that alchemy which makes gold and silver (for these blockheads swarm in all countries), but the alchemy which instructs us how to separate each mysterium into, its own reservaculum."


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* Photo - Artist Paul Laffoley's painting, Alchemy: The Telenomic Process of the Universe, at the Kent Fine Art gallery in New York City.


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