The Order of the Gnostics is dedicated to what we call "Modern Gnosticism" for the Gnostic living gnosticwarrior bannertoday.

Our online school, podcasts and books use modern methods of teaching such as science that are based on the ancient life lessons of the illuminated Gnostics who have went before us. We seek to live in the now, while honoring the past, and we also look to help create a better future on earth for generations to come.

The simple meaning of words Gnosis and Gnostic is secret "knowledge" (gnosis) and "wisdom" (sophia) of the divine, thyself, the world, nature and the Great Work (Great Arcanum or magnum opus). To be a true Gnostic, we seek this hidden knowledge in order to understand all things and our world in which we live. Our live's are dedicated to study, knowledge and the application of this wisdom to the world through the magic of our good thoughts, and Great Work.

To be a true Modern Gnostic, we take it one step further by using this knowledge to apply to our lives today.

Not how the ancient Gnostics would have lived or viewed the world 2,000 years ago because the facts are, our world is much different from theirs was and many of their teachings have become not so much outdated, but they need to be somewhat updated and refined.

This is exactly what the great Gnostic teachers and sages who went before us would have wanted.

This can be done by us Brothers and Sisters of the Light who are living today. In fact, if we have benefited from their great knowledge, and their illuminated words have touched our lives, we owe it to the ancient wise sages who have went before us by continuing their Great Work with our own Great Work.

As Modern Gnostics, we can honor the truth by delving deeper into these ancient Gnostic mysteries using the science of today in which we expand the consciousness of their great teachings with actual scientific proof. I know this can be done because I have accomplished this many times with articles on my website, and with this book for the members of the Order of the Gnostics.

I encourage you Gnostics of the world today to do the same. With this knowledge of truth, and the illumination of our words and our Great Work, we can change this world make bring light to this dark world for many generations to come.


Welcome to the Order of the Gnostics on My name is Moe and I'm the founder. Our world-wide order is dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge, truth and real Gnosticism using both ancient and modern gnosis techniques such as science to not only KNOW THYSELF, but also to MASTER THYSELF. Find your path and join the Order of the Gnostics today. | Join the Order Now | Join Us On Facebook