The quote below by the British-born American philosopher, and writer, Alan Watts about machines taking over the world was very prophetic. Over 50 years ago, he said that in order for mankind to survive, we would need to become a parasitic appendage to a mass of clockwork.

Looking around at the billions of people tethered to their computers, Facebook and mobile phones, we can clearly see that what Watts had predicted is now our current realities. This is not science fiction, but the sad reality of human truth so help us God…..

human matrix

In the year 2016, we live in a world where the machine and the computer is a dominant force to be reckoned with. Millions of jobs that used to be done by people have been lost to the machine over the last 30 years, and the facts are that these machines are only getting smarter and faster by the minute.

Today, billions of humans all around the globe are hopelessly connected to their computer devices that they depend on to operate their daily lives. Their businesses, friends, calendars, information and many other old tasks that used to be done by the brain and the hand have now been willfully handed over to the machine.

The transfer from being human to a machine has already occurred.


A machine that may be the end of billions of people who have handed over their souls and what it means to be human to a computer.

We are now humans enveloped in the web of the computer matrix that have become simply a parasitic appendage to a mass of clockwork.

Alan Watts had said, “The brainy modern loves not matter but measures, no solids but surfaces.

The working inhabitants of a modern city are people who live inside a machine to be batted around by its wheels. They spend their days in activities which largely boil down to counting and measuring, living in a world of rationalized abstraction which has little relation to or harmony with the great biological rhythms and processes.

As a matter of fact, mental activities of this kind can now be done far more efficiently by machines than by men — so much so that in a not too distant future the human brain may be an obsolete mechanism for logical calculation. Already the human computer is widely displaced by mechanical and electrical computers of far greater speed and efficiency.

If, then, man’s principal asset and value is his brain and his ability to calculate, he will become an unsaleable commodity in an era when the mechanical operation of reasoning can be done more effectively by machines.

If we are to continue to live for the future, and to make the chief work of the mind prediction and calculation, man must eventually become a parasitic appendage to a mass of clockwork.”

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