In 2016, Jason Dalton, an obese Uber Drive who I suspect may have had a serious yeast and fungal infection went completely insane after he downloaded an Uber app on his phone and began displaying what he called ‘Satanic’ symbology. The icon he described was “Lucifer’s Eastern Star,” and once he pressed the button on the app, he became Satan’s puppet.

Dalton said in a police interview, “It would give you an assignment and it would literally take over your whole body.”

If you read on, you will see that this man appeared to be either possessed or he just went completely insane.

Over the next month, Dalton, 45, from Kalamazoo, Michigan, went on to randomly shoot six people and attempted to murder two others. All the while, he was still working for Uber and taking clients.

After the murders, the police interviewed him and asked him several questions in which he always gave the same chilling response, “The Devil made me do it!”

I would like to point out that in the police interview, Dalton says that he does not “remember” the murders and it as if he was having an out of body experience. For example, he told them that “he is not the killer, but knows he has killed.”

He then said “it has the ability to take you over,” in which I believe the police were mistaken when they claimed that they confirmed with Dalton that he was speaking about the Uber App. I disagree with this assessment and believe he was talking about who he called the Devil because in the next sentence he tells the police as they were sitting there together, “it was almost as if an artificial intelligence can tap into your body.”

Next, the police start talking about all his guns, where he purchased them and if he recalled doing so. Again, Dalton claims not to remember anything and cannot understand why he would have bought them or used them in such a manner. He then says that is why he is trying to tell them it is like an artificial presence.

It is as if he was taking orders from some entity or being or voice in his head. Perhaps he was observing himself from another vantage point or should we say, from a “specific brain hemisphere?”

As I said above, when the police questioned him, he claimed the devil made me do it.

The police asked him: ‘Why did you pick up a bulletproof vest?’

Dalton said, ‘The Devil made me do it.’

The police, ‘Why did you pick up a gun that day?’

Dalton, ‘The Devil made me do it.’

‘Why did you kill these people?’

‘The Devil made me do it.’

In the aftermath of the Uber killer’s arrest, it was clear that his mental state was far from stable. Here is a picture of him in court. He looks either possessed or batshit fricken crazy!

While one of the first victim survivors was testifying during the preliminary hearing, Dalton interrupted the testimony by making crazy verbal outbursts that made no sense whatsoever. It was obvious that he was a deranged man.

Here is a video of Dalton and the demon or insane ramblings coming from his mouth as it gets dragged from the courtroom. Was it him or the demon?

The case of Jason Dalton and the devil is neither unique or one-time event. Many killers have claimed they were possessed by the devil or demons after they have slaughtered innocent people.

All these cases serve as a chilling reminder that just beneath the surface of the people we love and or know may actually be a cold-blooded demon waiting to unleash holy hell upon the world.

As the human race continues to devolve into their beastly states and the demonic fungi run rampant inside their bodies, bizarre random murders with killers claiming devil and demonic possession will only become more common.

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