"Corresponding to the rays of his crown, are the seven vowels, the elements of his name. The usual triple "S.S.S."and bar, and Symbols - Chounubis cross1the name "XNOTBIC," are the reverse of this Gnostic gem." (The Rosicrucians: Their Rites and Mysteries By Hargrave Jennings)

The triple "S.S.S."and bar Gnostic gem that Hargrave Jennings mentioned above, you will find today in various forms such as the Papal Cross, triple cross that is the Seal of the Grand Master of the Templars, and also the 33° Sovereign Grand Commander of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite.

This cross is not evil, but esoteric in origin and an ancient sign of the Gnostic priestly authority as to the Brotherhood of man. The Papal, Templar and Masonic connections to the triple bar cross indicate their Sovereign authority over the Gnostic mysteries and their Orders, which I will explain below.

If we are to research the true history of the triple bar cross, we will find it first in connection with an ancient Gnostic deity known as Chnoubis. It was often found on gems, amulets, and small talismans made from semi-precious stones and metals  with the triple bar or S.S.S cross that date from the first century onward. A magical sign and/or letters can be found on the back of most Chnoubis amulets that were an invention of the Gnostic priesthoods of Greece and Egypt which were said to be worn for the protection against evil, poison and disease.

On these various gems and amulets left behind, Chnoubis is normally depicted with the body of a serpent, or more appropriately a worm with the head of a lion and usually with seven rays emanating from the head, sometimes, with the twelve zodiacal signs.

Here is an image below of an ancient gem showing the Lion-headed Chnoubis with a human torso and snake’s leg, in armour, holding daggers in his extended right hand and a palm branch and stalks of grain in his left hand. Seven double rays around the head. Inscription in six lines: χνουβι|σνααβισ|βιενυθ|γιγαντορ|ηκταβαρ||οφιτα → Χνουβίς νααβις βιενυθ γιγαντορῆκτα βαροφίτα. 'Chnoubis Naabis Bienyth, shatterer of Giants, crusher of snakes'.(Collection: US_Ann Arbor, University of Michigan, Kelsey Museum of Archaeology)

Symbols - Chounubis man

Lion-headed Chnoubis - head crowned with seven rays.(HU_Budapest, Museum of Fine Arts, Classical Collection)

Symbols - Chounubis cross5

Chnoubis surrounded by twelve rays, and fourteen letters or characters? χνουμισοθμουηρ → Χνουμίς, unidentified vox. (Collection: GB_London, The British Museum)

Symbols - Chounubis cross 6

The magical signs are often letters and sentences and/or the triple bar/armed cross like the one above that closely resembles the Papal Cross of the Roman Catholic Popes, such as the one pictured below. The Pope alone was entitled to have the triple Cross signifying, like his triple crown, his ecclesiastical, civil, and judicial supremacy as the Sovereign Priest, Supreme Judge and Sole Legislator. Cardinals and Archbishops wear the double Cross (Cross of Lorraine), and the single Cross to the Bishop.

Symbols - papal cross San_Silvestro

Freemason and author, Robert Macoy 33° (1815-1895), gives us this explanation of the symbol of the triple cross;

"KNIGHT OF THE TRIPLE CROSS. This Order was founded in 1080. It is held in a Sovereign Council. The Master is styled Grand Commander; the Wardens Sublime Knights; the Master of Ceremonies Grand Esquire, and tba other member Knights. The jewel is three crosses arranged in a square. History—In 1080, Solyman, Prince of the Turks, established the seat of his Empire, or rather of his tyranny, at Nicopolis, in Syria Minor.

Among many pilgrims who then resorted to the holy places of Palestine a Frenchman, named Pierre Clement, made the journey to Jerusalem, in 1093, and then, conferring with Simon the patriarch, offered to convey letters from him to the Pope and all the western princes, to arouse them to expel from the Holy Land those barbarians and infidels.

The good patriarch accepted his offer, and entrusted to him all the letters for which he asked. Pierre Clement embarked without delay, and repaired to the court of the Pope, where he presented the letters of the patriarch to Urban II., who sent him into all the provinces on either side of the Alps, to negotiate with the princes, and publicly to preach the crusades. All who were made acquainted with the designs of the Pope exhibited much zeal for so holy an undertaking; but Urban thought it fitting to convoke a council, in which he himself presided.

During this council, which was held in 1095, he addressed the members in the great hall of the city, and so excited the council, that all cried out together, as if in concert, "Dieu le Veut!" The Pope willed that a cry, which was so good an omen, should become the device of the whole army, be borne on the flags and standards, and be the weary of the soldiery, and even of their captains in battle, to animate each other to deeds of daring. And he determined that those who enlisted in this service should wear a red cross upon the right shoulder, to show that they were the soldiers of him who had conquered the cross.

Many princes took up the cross, and they were conjointly the chiefs of that holy enterprise, without any one of them claiming to have the right to command the others."(Illustrated History and Cyclopedia of Freemasonry: By Robert Macoy, George Oliver)


The triple cross is the Seal Grand Master of the Templars. It is surrounded by the Vesica Piscis. It is also called the Cross of Salem with ten or twelve sections. Salem is a biblical city of the place where Melchizedek was king, and is thought to be the ancient name of Jerusalem. The Templars are the masters of Jerusalem.

Symbols - crosses

The Great Priory of England held aspecial session on May 7, 1873, which was largely attended. His Royal Highness, the Prince of Wales was received under an imposing escort; whereupon the Convent General was opened. The statute of the election of the Prince as Grand Master of the Order was read. A delegation of Knights from one of the Provinces presented the Prince with a steel chain, to be worn by him as Grand Master; appended to it is a triple cross of Salem.

A list was read of those whom the Grand Master had honored with the appointment of the Knight Grand Cross of the Temple. It embraces the Emperor and Crown Prince of Germany, the King of Sweden, the Crown Prince of Denmark, several of the nobility and gentlemen of England, and the Grand Master of Knights Templar of the United States, M. E. Sir J. Q. A. Fellows.(Proceedings of the Annual Conclave of the R. E. Grand ..., Issue 21 By Knights Templar (Masonic order). Grand Commandery Pa.)

In the book, Manual of the Knights of the Order of the Temple, Translated from the Paris, it shows us who is allowed to wear the triple bar cross:

"The Grand Master subscribes with a triple Cross, and with the initial letter F placed before his Christian names. A Magisterial Prince subscribes with a triple Cross and with the initial letter F placed before his Christian names, and the name of his Benefice. Every Deputy-Grand-Master subscribes with a triple Cross, and with the initial letter F placed before his Christian names, and the name of his Vicarial Benefice. Every Prince subscribes with a triple Cross, and with the initial letter F prefixed."

Symbols - Triple bar cross knights templars us

I have also found this same symbol in Masonry. In the image below of the Sovereign Grand Commander of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite, Bro.' Albert Pike 33°, you will see that he has worn the triple bar cross.


The Triple Cross Crosslet, displayed obliquely, in red ink, is the prefix to the signature on official documents of the Sovereign Grand Commander of the Supreme Council of the Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite.

Here is the former Grand Commander of A.A.S.R. in the 1970's and 80's, the illustrious 33° Freemason Henrey Clausen wearing the triple crosslet on his hat to indicate his Supreme authority over the U.S. Brotherhood as the Sovereign Grand Commander.

Symbol - Trible cross 33° Freemason Henrey Clausen

The Honorable Jas. D. Richardson, 33° was Acting Grand Commander, A.A.S.R, Southern Jurisdiction, United States. The Washington Times, speaking of the Masonic jewels worn by Hon. Jas. D. Richardson says, "The highly prized gifts are a watch charm and a Masonic ring.

The former is in the shape of a triple cross, made of gold, with a jewel setting, the workmanship of a London jeweler. This Mr. Richardson carries as a charm, attached to a massive gold watch chain. The other token is a ring of gold made of three delicate bands. On the inside is inscribed in Latin, 'In Deo Fiducia Nostra.'

The ring is worn on the little finger of the left hand, and during the heated debates in the house is plainly visible to Mr. Richardson's Democratic colleagues when he is scoring his political opponents and emphasizing a point by gesture of the hands."(The American Tyler-keystone: Devoted to Freemasonry and ..., Volume 16, Issue 17)

The Latin term "In Deo Fiducia Nostra," translates in English, "In God We Trust."

In the videos below, 33° Freemason Henrey Clausen explains the purpose of Freemasonry and the secret ancient Gnostic mysteries of the Craft.

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