Bede's Ecclesiastical History of England

ed. by A.M. Sellar


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Life of Bede

Book I

I. Of the Situation of Britain and Ireland, and of their ancient inhabitants

II. How Caius Julius Caesar was the first Roman that came into Britain. [54 AD]

III. How Claudius, the second of the Romans who came into Britain, brought the islands Orcades

IV. How Lucius, king of Britain, writing to Pope Eleutherus, desired to be made a Christian.

V. How the Emperor Severus divided from the rest by a rampart that part of Britain which had been recovered.

VI. Of the reign of Diocletian, and how he persecuted the Christians. [286 AD]

VII. How, when the persecution ceased, the Church in Britain enjoyed peace till the time of the

VIII. How during the reign of Gratian, Maximus, being created Emperor in Britain, returned into Gaul with a mighty army. [377 AD]

IX. How, in the reign of Arcadius, Pelagius, a Briton, insolently impugned the Grace of God. [395 AD]

X. How during the reign of Honorius, Gratian and Constantine were created tyrants in Britain; and soon after the former was slain in Britain, and the latter in Gaul. [407 A.D.]

XI. How the Britons, being ravaged by the Scots and Picts, sought succour from the Romans,

XII. How in the reign of Theodosius the younger, in whose time Palladius was sent to the Scots that believed in Christ, the Britons begging assistance of Aetius, the consul, could not obtain it. [446 A.D.]

XIII. How the Britons, compelled by the great famine, drove the barbarians out of their territories

XIV. How the Angles, being invited into Britain, at first drove off the enemy; but not long after, making a league with them, turned their weapons against their allies.

XV. How the Britons obtained their first victory over the Angles, under the command of

XVI. How Germanus the Bishop, sailing into Britain with Lupus, first quelled the tempest of the

XVII. How the same holy man gave sight to the blind daughter of a tribune, and then coming to St. Alban, there received of his relics, and left other relics of the blessed Apostles and other martyrs. [429 A.D.]

XVIII. How the same holy man, being detained there by sickness, by his prayers quenched a fire [429 A.D.]

XIX. How the same Bishops brought help from Heaven to the Britons in a battle, and then returned home.

XX. How, when the Pelagian heresy began to spring up afresh, Germanus, returning to Britain

XXI. How the Britons, being for a time at rest from foreign invasions, wore themselves out by civil

XXII. How the holy Pope Gregory sent Augustine, with other monks, to preach to the English

XXIII. How he wrote to the bishop of Arles to entertain them. [596 A.D.]

XXIV. How Augustine, coming into Britain, first preached in the Isle of Thanet to the King of Kent, and having obtained licence from him, went into Kent, in order to preach therein. [597 A. D.]

XXV. How St. Augustine in Kent followed the doctrine and manner of life of the primitive Church,

XXVI. How St. Augustine, being made a bishop, sent to acquaint Pope Gregory with what had

XXVII. How Pope Gregory wrote to the bishop of Aries to help Augustine in the work of God. [601 A.D.]

XXVIII. How the same Pope sent to Augustine the Pall and a letter, along with several ministers of the Word. [601 A.D.]

XXIX. A copy of the letter which Pope Gregory sent to the Abbot Mellitus, then going into Britain. [601 A.D.]

XXX. How Pope Gregory, by letter, exhorted Augustine not to glory in his miracles. [601 A.D.]

XXXI. How Pope Gregory sent letters and gifts to King Ethelbert. [601 A.D.]

XXXII. How Augustine repaired the church of our Saviour, and built the monastery of the blessed

XXXIII. How Ethelfrid, king of the Northumbrians, having vanquished the nations of the Scots,

Book II

I. Of the death of the blessed Pope Gregory. [604 A.D.]

II. How Augustine admonished the bishops of the Britons on behalf of Catholic peace, and to that end wrought a heavenly miracle in their presence; and of the vengeance that pursued them for their contempt. [Circ. 603 A.D.]

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