The Ripley Scroll (Lindorm dragon detail) dated in 1570 by Sir George Ripley (ca. 1415–1490) is an alchemical manuscript that shows in pictorial cryptograms the production of the philosopher’s stone (the elixir of life or phosphorus). 21 examples have survived and the earliest is in Oxford. A late copy made in 1624 recently sold (Dec 2000) in an auction at Sotheby’s for £206,000 ($300,000). An extremely rare and valuable alchemical work.

George Ripley was one of England’s most famous alchemists. His alchemical writings attracted attention not only when they were published in the fifteenth century, but also later in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. His writings were studied by noted figures such as the alchemist John Dee, Robert Boyle (who is considered to be the first modern chemist), and even Isaac Newton.

Symbols - The Ripley Scroll 2

Symbols - The Ripley Scroll


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