The path of truth has never been an easy one. Walking in truth on the road to enlightenment can be one of the most darkest and lonliest journeys a the pathperson can take in this man-made world that we live in.

These age old facts remain true now as they did in the ancient past.

The subject of truth can sometimes not be the greatest of things that you can do for your life, your family, and your livelihood. In case you were not aware, over the last couple thousand years there have been many people who have lost their lives in search of and or standing up for truth.

The history books and books of god have these martyr's stories all throughout them.

Many of these people are considered the wisest of philosophers and the best of saints that this world has ever known. But a vast majority of them were murdered for their wisdom. They were violently killed for the truths they spoke or for what they had written.

They were too dangerous for humanity. Their lights to bright for the dark earth. For the enlightenment that they brought humans, their flames were snuffed out and their stories told for everyone to learn from.

One of the most famous examples of a martyr was a peaceful man that we all know of as Jesus. To him, truth love and god was available for everyone. For the criminal, prostitute, poor man, and the average Joe.

You see, Jesus represents the logos. A word that means reason and he was crucified at Golgatha. A word meaning the "place of the skull."

He lived in truth. He lived in love. Most of all he lived for god and the service to others and for this great work, he was killed.

Therefore we can say that reason was killed that day. Truth was killed that day. Love was killed that day.

Let us ask ourselves, "How many saints were murdered over the last couple thousand years for preaching about love, truth and that the kingdom of heaven is for all of us like Jesus had done?"

"How many martyrs have died for truth in the past, and continue to die on unmarked history graves for the simple sake of humanity?"

I know the answer lies with Jesus. If we are ever to live in truth, love and the light, we need the messiah to come back and bring us the logos of truth and reason so help me god or forever we will live in the darkness of chaos, lies, hate and a permanent Golgatha hell.

Part of me still has hope and faith that there is a divine plan behind all this chaos, murder and war that we see in the world. A light at the end of the tunnel that is so dim that it can barely be seen by very few people who know where to look.

I know it's dark out there, but I see the light. Do you?

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