(By MA Pottenger) – The most noble gift of heaven to humanity is love; and woman is the embodiment of love.Love marriage

She is, however, powerless to express or manifest her love without the presence of wisdom or the male principle, the plumbline. . . .

Faith is knowing that what you may pray for is already created and in existence in the Divine Mind and only needs recognition by yourself to become a reality. . . .

Love is the Mother mind; Wisdom is the Father mind. Truth is the hypothenuse or the Word of God—that which is to become flesh and dwell among men. . . .

Love azothThe Masonic legend states that Solomon had the wisdom to “contrive” the house, but Hiram, King of Tyre, furnished the “strength” to establish. This is a very brief but accurate account of the female principle, as personified by Hiram. The feminine principle is as often crowned a ruler as the masculine. Therefore King Hiram, though a man, could represent in the legend the female principle. …

So long as man dwells in houses made of clay, or houses made by the exercise of the five senses, he is Fellowcraft Mason, mistaking his human education for divine wisdom.

Evil is the darkness of mortal mind, in which the light of the attributes of God is present, but the darkness comprehendeth it not.


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