By Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa – He is called also Arcitenens, burning, fiery, golden, flaming, Demon hornsradiating, of a fiery hair, of a golden hair, the eye of the world, Lucifer, seeing all things, ruling all things;

the creator of light, the king of stars, the great lord, good, fortunate, honest, pure, prudent, intelligent, wise, shining over the whole world, governing, and vivifying all bodies that have a soul;

the prince of the world keeping all the stars under himself, the light of all the stars darkening, burning, overcoming their virtue by his approach, yet by his light and splendour giving light and splendour to all things:

in the night the is called Dionysus, but in the day Apollo, as if driving away evil things. Therefore the Athenians called him Alexicacon, and Homer, Vlion, i.e. the driver away of evil things.

He is also called Phoebus from his beauty and brightness, and Vulcan from his fiery violence, because the force thereof consists of many fires.

He is also called the Sun, because he contains the light of all the stars…

SOURCE: Of Occult Philosophy or Magic By Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa

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