In Old Prussia there was a mythical dragon king named Warmo who had ruled over his worm Worms - Warmians Ornetapeople called the Warmians.

The dragon tribe of the Warmians (also Warmi) had lived in a place called Warmia (Polish:Warmia, Latin: Varmia, German: Ermland, Lithuanian: Varmė). They were one of ten Old Prussian tribes who had populated these regions that were documented in the Chronicon terrae Prussiae of Peter of Dusburg, a priest of the Teutonic Order in 1326. The Warmians territory was mostly contained in modern day Poland situated between the Vistula Lagoon, Łyna and Pasłęka Rivers.

These meanings of the names such as Warmo, warmians and Wormditt in the Germanic (Teutonic) languages is worm, (German: Worms, Wurm as in Tatzelwurm,Lindworm) which is now translated as the “serpent and/or dragon.” Meaning when they symbolize or write about a serpent or a dragon in mythology and history, they are really talking about a worm such as these Old Prussian towns and the worm tribe who had originally settled there.

The Old Prussian village of Wormditt, now called Orneta in the Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship was first mentioned in 1308. The oldest image of the town’s crest above is the from the sealing wax on the document from 1388. An inscription on the seal says “S.BV.MDIT.”According to legend, there once lived a dragon there that devoured women, children and animals. Many valiant knights who had tried to free the town from the murdering dragon had been killed. All but one knight who eventually defeated the dragon.

Eventually the dragon serpent (worm) tribe known as the Warmians were conquered by the Catholic Crusaders of The Order of Brothers of the German House of Saint Mary in Jerusalem; the Teutonic Knights under direct orders of the Pope, and they were converted to Christianity.

In the place of that old dragon and serpent, the Christian savior to the world, Jesus had usurped the throne of the worm in Old Prussia.

As Justin Martyr (Saint Justin) had said, “The power of the serpent of Egypt was broken on the cross.”

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