The quote below is from a college professor, Ioan Culianu who was murdered for his words, political views, and criticism of the ioan-petru-culianuRomanian government. Culianu was a Romanian living in exile in the U.S. where he taught a class on Gnosticism, the study of secret mystic sects at the University of Chicago Divinity School. The same school where he was shot in the head as he went to the restroom in a hit style murder that some say was typical KGB fashion.

In a European publication concerned with contemporary aspects of Gnosticism, Culianu writes:

"Once I believed that Gnosticism was a well-defined phenomenon belonging to the religious history of Late Antiquity. Of course, I was ready to accept the idea of different prolongations of ancient Gnosis, and even that of spontaneous generation of views of the world in which, at different times, the distinctive features of Gnosticism occur again.

I was soon to learn however, that I was a naïf indeed. Not only Gnosis was gnostic, but the Catholic authors were gnostic, the Neoplatonic too, Reformation was gnostic, Communism was gnostic, Nazism was gnostic, liberalism, existentialism and psychoanalysis were gnostic too, modern biology was gnostic, Blake, Yeats, Kafka were gnostic….

I learned further that science is gnostic and superstition is gnostic…Hegel is gnostic and Marx is gnostic; all things and their opposite are equally gnostic."

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