This article is part of my Demon research which dolphin tales the Delphic Oracles and my theory that these vapors were parasitic fungi/molds which are the disembodied evil airy spirits AKA artificial spirits of dead people.

In May 2016, approximately 80 school students from a small village in northern Peru mysteriously started convulsing, screaming and many described visions of a man in black trying to kill them. Local villagers are claiming it was a case of ‘demonic possession’,

It’s no wonder, turns out the Elsa Perea Flores School in Tarapoto was said to be built on a Mafia graveyard.

Disturbing video footage shows students aged 11-14 years-old fainting, screaming and spitting froth from their mouths. One pupil told the media, “It’s disturbing for me to think about it. It’s as if someone kept on chasing me from behind.

‘It was a tall man all dressed in black and with a big beard and it felt like he was trying to strangle me.

‘My friends say I was screaming desperately, but I don’t remember much.’

Other schoolgirls also complained of similar experiences.

Another anonymous girl said, “Several children from different classrooms fainted at the same time. I got nauseous and started vomiting. I heard voices. A man in black chased me and wanted to touch me.”

Paranormal investigator, Franklin Steiner said, “It is known that years ago there were many victims of terrorism here. When this school was built, some say bones and dead bodies were found.”

A local media channel, The Mirror said that the students had been suffering from a “contagious condition” and even talk about breathing in vapors since last month.

Doctor Antony Choy stated that his team could not find a scientific reason behind the students’ unusual behavior.

“We don’t understand how this has kept on going on. We know it started on 29th April and now it is still happening. Now there are almost 80 pupils [still affected].”


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