Scars of a whipped slave (April 2, 1863, Baton...(This poem I had written while incarcerated in prison in the year 2005.  This will be #1 in a series of Prison Poems that I plan to publish here.)

Trapped in a wasteland of lost souls

Scars from tortured lives have taken their toll

Beautifully tragic, by demons I was molested

Fed on my flesh, weak I was tested

Wisdom sometimes comes from pain

It is what we must endure in order to gain

Out of hell, I will never be the same

But the scars on my flesh will always remain

My teacher is life, forever I AM the student

Use my time wisely, this is prudent

Music of my my soul plays through my heart

A bright new outlook on life, a fresh start

Coming out from the darkness

Into the light, refined as a new man

But the scars on my flesh will always remain.............

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