A newly released 1989 document from Chicago Police Department called “Identification, Investigation, and Understanding of Ritualistic Criminal Activity,” de by a Detective “Robert Semandl” shows how to identify teens involved in ritualistic Satanic abuse. The detective was a “gang crimes and ritual abuse specialist” who traveled the country in the 1980’s holding seminars and spoke at conferences to train police and other agencies.

During the 1980’s, a zealous pack of Christians, police investigators and media shit storm had zeroed in on what would forever be known as the “Satanic Panic.”

In the document, Detective Semandl lists the “four stages of Satanic activity” and warns that teens are being seduced by offers of “free sex and drug parties.” You can read the full PDF down below.

It describes the 16 signs of satanic involvement, including using cadles, oils, tarot cards, altars, and ceremonial knives (a “letter opener will suffice,” it notes).

You can also learn the signature of the demon who guards the gates of hell!

In addition to tattoos like black panthers, skulls, and a knife, dripping blood…

The document was discovered by Jennifer Jordan, a PhD student at Stony Brook University in New York, on May 6. She tweeted that her sister, a Florida art teacher, had found the 25-page pamphlet in a supply closet.

In 1987, Simandl told the Minneapolis Star Tribune, “It’s a very complex subject that makes street gang activity look like a nursery school rhyme. It’s not a pleasant topic, but I believe it’s going to be the crime of the 1990s.”

Here is more from the article.

“They sound like campfire stories: tales of frenzied devil-worshipers in black robes sacrificing animals-and sometimes people-before candle-lit altars to Satan.

But to a growing number of police investigators around the nation, stories of ritual mutilation, blood-letting and sometimes murder are all too real. In seminars and conferences, they have begun to train others to see signs of satanic motives behind otherwise bizarre and inexplicable crimes.

One of the investigators, Robert Simandl, a 20-year veteran of the Chicago Police Department, was in St. Paul, Minn., earlier this month to talk to 150 local police investigators and youth social workers about the clues to satanic and occult crimes.

Simandl, who has been studying cult crimes around the nation for five years, rattles off stories about ritual murders that rock the most seasoned detectives. They are stories of ritual sacrifice, child molestation, grave robberies and teenage suicide.

“It was terrifying,” said Solveig Storhoff, a Ramsey County, Minn., child-protection worker who attended the conference. “I became aware later of what it was I was afraid of: It was the unknown. It was chilling and overwhelming. You don’t want to admit this is going on.”

Assistant Hennepin County (Minn.) Attorney George Widseth said that while he knows of no satanic cults investigated in Minnesota, he’s convinced that cult crime has become a national phenomenon. …

While there are no statistics, enough documented criminal cases involving Satan-worshipers have cropped up around the country in the past five years to lead Simandl and about a dozen other police detectives to begin looking for patterns and links.”

Here is the PDF

Satanic Panic Clean Copy

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