Once you begin to take notice that our current world was designed and built with Symbols sign masonic new zealandthe help of Freemasons, you will see Masonic symbols are everywhere. Take in point this sign from Australia that has an obvious masonic compass and the morning star with seven rays.

Some people may think it is just a 3D picture of a road going into the sun. However I disagree, because the facts are that signs and symbols from many Western based governments almost always have symbols of the Brotherhood encoded into them. It is a way to honor and also let others know who is in charge.

The number seven (7) has always held a special significance in our universe, and in religion. The number 7 is often called the holy number, lucky number, the prophetic number, or the mystical number. Seven is also a sacred number in Masonic symbolism. It is said that in the last century, it took seven members to make a lodge perfect, although today 5 may hold one.

In the seventeenth degree, called the apocalyptic degree of the “Knight of the East and West;” there in the symbology is the Tracing Board with a man clothed in a white robe and surrounded by seven stars that is direct reference to Revelation i. 16; “and he had in his right hand seven stars.” .

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