Magic is truly simple to explain. It is the magical operations that are complex given the fact it takes several steps to complete a genuine operation to arrive at magical success.

The end point being the imagination focused on the result you wish to acquire. The result, a living, breathing and bleeding entity made of your focused energy on one point in the future.

The circumpunct being the target. Your soul, the arrow….

To be a true magician, you must be an alchemical archer aiming your soul to some distant point at which you wish to arrive in the future.

To reach success in magic, it takes hard work along with a determined will, perfect imagination and to understand the alchemical science of being human in an inhumane world.

There is no room for laziness, gluttony, fear, idleness, and or speculation in the magical arts.

There is no try. You must only do.

Magic is the tool. Math is the science. Your soul – the vehicle.

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