Will he keep begging you for mercy? Will he speak to you with gentle words? Will he make an Worms - William Blake on Jobagreement with you for you to take him as your slave for life? – Job on Leviathan

In this article I will attempt to lift up the ancient veil of the true identity of an ancient monster I know well, the Leviathan. He is the Old One who is oldest of the primordial creatures from the sea who invokes pride and haughtiness. The satanic serpent who had tormented my ancestors like Job, and who has also come after me to bring me torture and boils all my life.

Demon serpentThis is a story that has been hidden deep within the sea that is my blood, from the beginning of time. My name is Moe, and I’m from the Tribe of Sons of the Serpent known biblically as the Levites.

The Leviathan of the scriptures is said to be an ancient sea monster or serpent referenced in the Old Testament. In Job 3:8, Leviathan is described as a supra-mundane power like the mythical dragon who was said in ancient Eastern traditions to be the eternal enemy of light ready to swallow up sun and moon, and plunge creation into a state of chaotic darkness. God tells Job what is in the sea, Leviathan which mankind is helpless against, one which no sword of man could hope to slay. This is the king of all those of the water, both alike unconquerable by man (ib. xl. 14, xii. 17-26). In Isaiah 27:1 he is called the “wriggling serpent” who will be killed at the end of time.

Leviathan is the dragon that devours the sun (eclipses) in Job 26:13, and the symbol of the political power we cannot tell; but we find an analogous case in the word Rahab as a symbol for Egypt (see on ch. Isaiah 30:7). In the Exodus of the Israelites, Leviathan is connected to the allusion of miracles and is described as a crocodile, the emblem of ‘Pharaoh of Egypt, the great dragon (tanntvi) that lieth in the midst of his rivers’ (Ezk 29s). ‘The people inhabiting the wilderness’ (l’s, I.e.) are the wild beasts of the desert, to which Pharaohs host when they were in Egypt, “servants (serpents) to the house of Pharaoh.”

The the great dragon of Egypt is where the story of Leviathan is first derived from. He is the adaptation of the ancient Egyptian serpent Apep (Apophis) who was known as the evil god who lived in the underworld, and was the most wicked enemy of Ra. The Egyptians believed that Apep lived in the waters (blood) of the Egyptian underworld (earth), Duat, and would rouse from his slumber every night to attack.

Apep battle

Just like Apep would rouse from his slumbers at night, we can look to modern science who has discovered that the many human worms such as the intestinal tapeworms and the liver fluke flatworm are most active at night. These worms travel from within our intestines, bowels and colons to venture outside the anus and other open orifices in order to lay their eggs at night. They are even said to be the cause of night sweats, and are more active around the time of the full moon.

The emblem of the Leviathan (Apep, Great Dragon or worm)  is worn on the crown or headdress of the ancient Egyptian Pharaohs. It is called the Uraeuscobra along with the crook and flail that the Pharaohs had worn as representation of their divine authority to rule over the people who are but worms being ruled over and directed alchemically. This headdress symbolized the power and dominion of the head worm on virility and prosperity of the land.

Woem headdress


To find the true meaning behind these ancient stories of the sea serpent called Leviathan, we have to not only look back at the stories and myths of ancient history, but we also need to use word science such as etymology and human sciences like physiology in order to lift the veil to see the light.

For example, the etymology of the name Leviathan leaves us clues to who this unconquerable serpent of the sea truly is. It is derived from the Hebrew livyah (liv-yaw’) which is derived from law-vaw [לָוָה], meaning join (intransitive), be joined (Late Hebrew Pi`el לִוָּה (ליוה) transitive, Hithpa`el intransitive; Aramaic לַוִּי accompany; and in Genesis 8:13, “to be joined closely with” (Genius),  “to wind a roll” (Delitzsch) or “attend (of mirth).

These allegorical references to the sea and a serpent who is the king of these waters symbolizes theMoses and Brazen serpent age-old battle for dominion over your body and soul. This story is related when Moses lifted up the staff and struck the water in the Nile, and all the water in the Nile turned into blood. And the fish in the Nile died, and the Nile stank, so that the Egyptians could not drink water from the Nile. There was blood throughout all the land of Egypt. But the magicians of Egypt did the same by their secret arts.

The sea or the Nile would be the blood, and the serpent, the worm that resides there would cause the blood to stink. The magicians of Egypt did the same by their secret arts which represents how many humans are kept in slavery by their own worms through the secret arts of the state priests. An ancient fight for the rites to control your mind via the sea of the blood in the arena where the damned will lose to the serpent Leviathan, and the winners will rise above this great serpent for a moment only to be conquered in the end by the slithering fiends who are the creators, fathers and destroyers of mankind. Hence, “his hand hath created leviathan, which is like unto a biting serpent.”

The damned will create their own hells in the torture of their soul by Leviathan (worm) by the nature of their own thoughts, actions and lives. Their souls will be consumed by sulphires. If they lived a life of sin and were evil, they have simply spelled live backwards and their livers, central nervous systems and brains have been taken over by the gnashing teeth of the worm as they make their hosts do their bidding. These new Leviathan hosts take over their minds as it claims its millions of victims every year before their time.

The Leviathan of the Phoenician Hebrews is the Greek Kracken. Pliny describes the beast’s head diffusing a strong odour, that which induces the lampreys to approach it. Rabbi Dimi says that when the leviathan is hungry,  from his mouth a heat so great as to make all the waters of the deep boil, and if he would put his head into paradise no living creature could endure the odor of him (ib.). His abode is the Mediterranean Sea; and the waters of the Jordan fall into his mouth (Bek. 55b; B. B. l.c.).

It is a scientific fact that human worms live, eat, poop and die within all humans. This odor is then compounded as we age or die from illness from the excrement of feces and dead worm carcasses that have no way to escape the blood and tissues. These worms also make thick mucus, and eats the sulphur in our bodies which creates a foul odor that builds over time. They create allergies, skin ailments, body odor, heartburn, acid reflux, gas, bulging belly, flatulence, indigestion, and the list can go on and on. Bad breath, smelly farts, and smelly dead rotting human carcasses are the result of what Pliny described as the beast’s head diffusing a strong odour, and Rabbi Dimi said that no living creature could endure the odor of him.

This white mucus is spoken about by Job when he says of Leviathan, “It leaves a glistening wake behind it; one would think the deep had white hair.” It is a scientific fact that the worms in human cause what can be characterized as a glistening wake in the form of a white slimy mucous encasing in which the worms produce and use to protect and propagate themselves in our bodies.

This glistening wake of worms and mucus can be seen in the images below of liver flukes in humans. This picture is of the cross-section of an infected liver, the white spots are inflamed bile ducts with flukes inside.

Worms - Liver Bile ducts with flukes inside

Worms - licer fluke damage

In the Rabbinical Literature of the midrash, the leviathan was created on the fifth day (Yalk., Gen. 12). God produced both a male and a female leviathan, but lest in multiplying the species should destroy the world. He slew the female, reserving her flesh for the banquet that will be given to the righteous on the advent of the Messiah (B. B. 74a). Leviathan is described by R. Johanan, “Once we went in a ship and saw a fish which put his head out of the water.

Adult liver flukes possess both male and female reproductive organs (hermaphroditic)


Who dares open the doors of his mouth, ringed about with his fearsome teeth? His back has rows of shields tightly sealed together;

The Torments of Hell, are expressed sometimes, by weeping, and gnashing of teeth, as Mat. 8. 12. Sometimes, by the worm of Consezenee; as Isa. 66. 24. and Mark 9. 44, 46, 48: sometimes, by Fire, as in the place now quoted, where the worm dyeth not, and the fire is not quenched, and many places beside: sometimes by shame, and contempt, as Dan. 12. 2. And many of them that sleep in the dust of the Earth, shall awake; some to Everlasting life; and some to shame, and everlasting contempt.

He had horns upon which was written: ‘ I am one of the meanest of creatures that inhabit the sea. I am three hundred miles in length, and enter this day into the jaws of the leviathan ‘ ” (B. B. 1.0.).

These horns can be seen on the human Tapeworms that have a scolex (head with several hooks, allowing it to adhere to the intestinal wall. Or there is the flatworm that has a head with two points that look like horns  that primarily targets humans as a definitive host, and many other animals.

Worms - Leviathan liver fluke

The human liver fluke actually doesn’t take up residence in the liver, it lives in the biliary (bile) ducts. Adult flukes generally measure 10 to 25 millimeters in length, and may live up to 10 years inside a host. The host is likely to be infected with numerous flukes, and cases are known where a single human host contained over twenty thousand of the parasites.

Our biliary (bile) ducts are connected to our vagus nerve which is the tenth cranial nerve that interfaces with parasympathetic control of the heart and digestive tract. The vagus nerve comprises between 80% and 90% of afferent nerves mostly conveying sensory information about the state of the body’s organs to the central nervous system. Our central nervous system controls our brains, and spines.

In Job 14:26  it is said, “When he raises himself up, the mighty fear; Because of the crashing they are bewildered. 26 “The sword that reaches him cannot avail, Nor the spear, the dart or the javelin. 27“He regards iron as straw, Bronze as rotten wood.”

Now please see this image of a human fluke worm from the Smithsonian Institute whose head had been chopped off and its place, a new head regrows 14 days later. Hence, as it is said in Job “the sword that reaches him cannot avail.”

Worms - Flatowmr cut in half

Here is an excerpt from an article in the Smithosonian Magazine: “Interest in flatworm memories dates to the 1950s, when a series of strange experiments by Michigan biologist James McConnell indicated that worms could gain the ability to navigate a maze by being fed the ground-up remains of other flatworms that had been trained to run through the same maze. McConnell speculated that a type of genetic material called “memory RNA” was responsible for this phenomenon, and could be transferred between the organisms.

Subsequent research into planarian memory RNA exploited the fact that the worms could easily regenerate heads after decapitation. In some studies, the worms’ heads were cut off and then regenerated while they swam in RNA solutions; in others, as the Field of Science blog points out, worms that had already been trained to navigate a maze were tested after they were decapitated and their heads grew back.

The article concludes: “There’s also another sort of explanation. The researchers speculate that epigenetics—changes to an organism’s DNA structure that alter the expression of genes—could play a role, perhaps encoding the memory (“rough floors = food”) permanently in the worms’s DNA.”

My theory is that these Human Leviathan Liver Fluke worms take over control of people’s minds through the simple process of entering our biliary ducts, vagus nerve and then our whole central nervous system, then controlling our minds via our DNA. This theory isn’t so far-fetched folks given the fact that it has been scientifically proven that various other parasitic worms that infect other animals and insects can take over their hosts minds as well, then why not humans?

The body of the leviathan, and his eyes were said to possess a great illuminating power. Jewish Rabbi Eliezer said that when frightened by the sudden appearance of a brilliant light, that it probably proceeded from the eyes of the leviathan. He referred his companion to the words of Job xli. 18: “ By his neesings a light doth shine, and his eyes are like the eyelids of the morning” (B. B. 1.0.).

Here is a modern 3d image of a Leviathan Liver Fluke showing its great illuminating power.

Worms - Liver Fluke 3d

I leave you with a couple quotes from Milton and Shakespeare on Levithan:

“Or that sea beast Leviathan, which God, of nil his works,
Created hugest that swim the ocean stream:
Him, haply slumbering on the Norway foam.
The pilot of some small night-foundcr’d skiff
Deeming some island, oft, as seamen tell,
With fixed anchor in its scaly rind
Moors by his side under the Ice, while night Invests the sea.”

And Shakespeare. “Ere the leviathan can swim a league.”


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