Embrace the Matrix of Multidimensional Consciousness

Leigh McCloskey

Leigh McCloskey

My special guest today is modern Gnostic and Renaissance Man, Leigh McCloskey. Leigh talks about how he has learned to embrace the Matrix and beauty of Life through his interest, knowledge, study and learning ranges from art, music, history, religion, mythology, philo-Sophia and esotericism to string theory, quantum physics and the multidimensional nature of consciousness.

Leigh is an expert of Hermeticism, Alchemy and Kabbalah and has hosted twice weekly philosophical salons at his Malibu home, Olandar, for over thirty years. He has written, illustrated and published six books. He lectures both nationally and internationally and has given numerous talks and presentations of his holographic art and visual philosophy. 

Leigh’s website: LeighMcCloskey.com

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