In my last article, What is the Kundalini?, I had explained that the kundalini is our central nervous system and also how the Sexual energychemical energy known as phosphorus ascends up the spine via this system to our brains. A properly working central nervous system with the healthy distribution of this powerful chemical energy in our blood known as phosphorus, is one of the most critical alchemical management tools that we humans can utilize to become enlightened, or what some call a “kundalini awakening.”

One of the tools that can be used in the awakening of the kundalini or central nervous system activation is sex. Sex is not only the fountain of life it is also the tree of life. The Christ-mas tree with the morning star on top is phosphorus the light bearer that is the most powerful aphrodisiac known to man, and when administered internally, it is one of the most powerful stimulants through a stimulation of the nervous system.

Pure love through the soul, heart, mind and body coupled with sex is magical. The phallus is the symbol of the male Generative powers through the union of the uterus in the female that brings forth life and light. It is through this same union that we also can use to help awaken our kundalini (central nervous system). When done properly, it is absolutely electrifying and as God said, “Let there be light; and there was light.”

Semen and the brain are very similar in chemical composition, with both consisting of the most phosphorus that you can find inside your body other than your bones. In the brain and semen, phosphorus is mainly in the form of lecithin, a phosphorized fat. One of the methods you can use to conserve this chemical energy is to withdraw before orgasm, to avoid the ejaculation of your phosphorus rich semen and not to spill the semen inside or outside the womb. The restrained desire will transmute the phosphorus contained in your semen through your central nervous system and up your spine to your brain.

This is the kundalini effect that gives rise to the chemical energy in your blood called phosphorus, also known in the occult as Lucifer, and the Philosopher’s Stone. Other than your bones and your semen, your brain contains the most amount of this incredible chemical energy and as Einstein had said, “Everything is energy and that is all there is to it.”

The disease known as spermatorrhoea gives us a good clue to why conserving this most precious fluid is crucial to our health;

(The term I include above are all those disorders which are primarily* dependent on an abnormal loss of semen); it furnishes us with additional evidence that excessive waste of Phosphorus is inimical to physical and mental vigor. The spermatic fluid is rich in Phosphorus, and its emission from the system, in whatever manner produced, is, when excessive, highly injurious. The nervous centres being deprived of their proper pabulum, fall into a state of exhaustion, and the effects ultimately produced in the economy are the same as those that we see resulting from overwork and excessive mental strain. A morbid condition is set up in which a general loss of nerve-power is manifested.

When you build up your semen and do not spill it carelessly, you are alchemically creating millions more microscopic phosphorus cells in your blood. This extra phosphorus equates to more chemical energy that rises up your spine via the twisting serpents, (AKA) the central nervous system that can then be best utilized for your brain.

It is through the proper management of these sexual energies such as phosphorus, that we can utilize these chemical properties to awaken all our senses and tap the inner Gnosis encoded within our very DNA. Uncontrolled sex takes the higher spiritual human down to animal form. A sexual beast who is plunged into darkness or madness through their inability to control their animal appetites and chemicals within their own bodies. With controlled sex, phosphorus rises up the path of your central nervous system, and up your spine to your brain in order for you to see the light.

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