By Bro.' Albert Pike - After the destruction of the city and temple, some of the Hebrew initiates were carried away as captives into Phoenician Indians - ShipsAssyria ; others escaped into Egypt, Persia, Phoenica, Syria, the desert of the Thebald, and even into Greece, Etruria and India.

At a later day, in Phoenician vessels, they penetrated into England, Scotland, and Ireland and other European regions.

Everywhere they found the mysteries, even in the frozen North, and brethren of the mystic tie in the Magi, the Brahmins, the Druids, the Hierophants of all countries, to whom they were able to make themselves known as initiates.

Wherever they went, they carried their own mysteries, substituting in the stead of the more ancient legends of a slain God or Hero, that of Khur-om murdered by the three symbolical assassins, whose names, like that of the Hero-Architect, were invented to conceal a meaning and a dogma.

albert-pikeLiturgy of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry: IV to XIV By Freemasons. United States. Scottish Rite. Supreme Council for the Southern Jurisdiction, Albert Pike

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