"This religion of reason could not be that of the multitude, who require fables, mysteries, definite hopes, and terrors, materially operating upon them. On that account the sacerdotal institution was established in the world.

Now the sacerdotal order is recruited by initiation. Religious forms perish when initiation ceases in the sanctuary either through being divulged, or by neglect and forgetfulness of sacred mysteries.

The Gnostic disclosures, for example, alienated the Christian Church from the lofty truths of the Kabbalah, which contains all the secrets of transcendental theology.

Therefore, the blind having become the leaders of the blind it has produced great darkness, great moral depressions and deplorable scandals.

Then the sacred books, the keys of which are all kabalistic from Genesis even to the Apocalypse have become so unintelligible to Christians that the pastors have with reason judged it necessary to interdict the reading of them to the simple believers." - Eliphas Levi

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