"It is no small thing—this Gnosis of ten-thousand-times-great Hermes, as Zosimus in an ecstasy of enthusiasm calls Him;GNOSIS OF AGES

For it has as its foundation the Single Love of God, it endeavours to base itself upon the True Philosophy and Pure Science of Nature and of Man, and is indeed one of the fairest forms of the Gnosis of the Ages.

It is replete with Wisdom (Theosophia) and Worship (Theosebeia) in harmony—the Religion of the Mind.

It is in its beginning Religion, true devotion and piety and worship, THE based on the right activity and passivity GNOSIS of the Mind, and its end is the Gnosis of things-that-are and the Path of the Good that leads man unto God."

The Gnosis of the Mind By George Robert Stow Mead, Hermes (Trismegistus.)

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