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desirous of being admitted a member thereof, if found worthy. His place of residence is New York City, his age thirty-eight years, his occupation a bookseller. (Signed) ABNER CRUFF.

Recommended by Brothers Jones, Carson, and Fox.

NEW YORK, December 1, 1860.

Sec.–The next petition is from Peter Locke, recommended by Brothers Derby and Jackson. Both these petitions are accompanied by the usual fee of ten dollars each.

W. NI.–Brethren, what is your pleasure respecting these petitions of Gruff and Locke?

Brother Hand–I would move that they be received, and a committee of investigation be appointed.

Brother Fast–I second that motion, Worshipful.

W. M.–Brethren, you have heard the motion. All those in favor of the motion, make it known by the usual sign; all to the contrary, the same.

W. M.–The petitions are received, and I would appoint, on the application of Mr. Cruff, Brothers Brevoort, Gore, and Acker-man; and, on the petition of Mr. Locke, Brothers Derby, Hart, and Barnes.


W. M. (receiving reports of committees.)–Brother Secretary, are there any committee reports due on your desk?

Sec.–There are two reports, Worshipful. One on the application of Mr. Robert Granger, and one on the application of Mr. Brady.

W. AL–Are the chairmen of those committees present?

Brother Pepper–Worshipful, as chairman of the committee to whom was referred the application of Mr. Robert Granger, I would say to the Lodge that I have examined into his character and find it good, and, consequently, report on it favorably. I think he will make a good Mason. In his younger days, he was rather wild; but now he is considered very steady, and a good member of society. (Here, sometimes, great and lengthy discussion arises. Some very conscientious and discreet brother thinks more thorough inquiry should have been made respecting Mr. Robert Granger’s early history, the result of which is that he is not balloted for until the next regular meeting. This is no common thing, though.)

W. M.–Is the chairman of the committee to whom was referred the application of Peter Locke present?

Brother Melville–Worshipful, I am chairman of that committee,

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and report favorably. He is recommended as one of the best of men.

W. M.–Brethren, what’s your pleasure with the petition of Mr. Locke?

Brother Jones–I move, Worshipful, that the report be received, committee discharged, and the candidate balloted for. Brother Jackson–I second that motion.

W. M.–Brethren, you have heard the motion. All in favor of it, make it known by the usual sign; the contrary, the same.


W. M. (balloting for candidates, or admission.)–Brother Secretary, are there any candidates to be balloted for?

Sec.–There are, Worshipful, two, viz.: Joseph Locker and Reuben Bruce.

W. M.–Brethren, we are about to ballot for two applicants for the First Degree in Masonry. The first is the petition of Mr. Joseph Locker. Any thing for or against this gentleman is now in order. (Here, if any brother has any thing against or for Mr. Locker, he is privileged to speak on the subject.) If nothing is offered, the Master says:

W. M.–If there is nothing to offer, we will proceed to ballot. Brother Senior Deacon, you will prepare the ballot-box.

Senior Deacon takes the ballot-box (which is a small box, five or six inches square, with two drawers in it, and a small hopper in the top, a hole from which passes down into the first drawer, which is empty and shoved in, while the lower one is drawn out and nearly full of both black and white balls), places the box on the altar in the middle of the Lodge, and takes his seat again.

W. M.–Brethren, you will proceed to ballot.

The balloting is done as follows, viz.: Master first; Secretary calls the names, commencing with the Senior Warden down to the Tyler, and, as their names are called, each Mason steps up to the box at the altar, makes the sign of Master Mason to the Master, and then takes from the lower drawer of the ballot-box a ball (white or black, as he sees fit), deposits it in the hopper above, and retires to his seat. So all vote.

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