The Junior Deacon and his assistants retire to the ante-room, but before they leave the Lodge-room they step to the altar, and Blake the sign of the First Degree to the Master. It is the duty of the Secretary to go out into the ante-room with them, and

p. 28

before the candidate is required to strip, the Secretary gets his assent to the following interrogations, viz. (Monitorial):–

Do you seriously declare, upon your honor, that, unbiassed by friends, and uninfluenced by mercenary motives, you freely and voluntarily offer yourself a candidate for the mysteries of Masonry?

Yes (or, I do).

Do you seriously declare, upon your honor, that you are prompted to solicit the privileges of Masonry by a favorable opinion of the institution, a desire for knowledge, and a sincere wish of being serviceable to your fellow-creatures?


Do you seriously declare, upon your honor, that you will con-form to all the ancient established usages of the Order?


The Secretary returns to the Lodge, and reports that the candidate has given his assent to the interrogations.

The candidate is now requested to strip.

J. D.–Mr. Gabe, you will take oft your coat, shoes, and stockings, also your vest and cravat; and now your pantaloons; here is a pair of drawers for you. You will now slip your left arm out of your shirt-sleeve, and put it through the bosom of your shirt, that your arm and breast may be naked. The Deacon now ties a handkerchief or hoodwink over his eyes, places a slipper on his right foot, and after-wards puts a rope, called a cable-tow, once round his neck, letting it drag behind.1

The figure is a representation of the candidate duly and truly prepared for the First Degree in Masonry.

The Junior Deacon now takes the candidate by the arm and leads him forward to the door of the Lodge, and gives three distinct knocks, when the Senior Deacon. on the inside, rises to his feet, makes the sign of an Entered Apprentice to the Master, and says:

S. D.–Worshipful Master, there is an alarm at the inner door of our Lodge. W. M.–You will attend to the alarm,

p. 29

and ascertain the cause. (The Deacon repairs to the door, gives three distinct knocks, and then opens it.)

S. D.–Who comes here?

J. D. (who always responds for the candidate.)–Mr. Peter Gabe, who has long been in darkness, and now seeks to be brought to light, and to receive a part in the rights and benefits of this worshipful Lodge, erected to God, and dedicated to the holy Sts. John, as all brothers and fellows have clone before.

S. D.–Mr. Gabe, is it of your own free-will and accord?

Mr. G.–It is.

S. D.–Brother Junior Deacon, is he worthy, and well qualified?

J. D.–He is.

S. D.–Duly and truly prepared?

J. D.–He is.

S. D.–Of lawful age, and properly vouched for?

J. D.–He is.

S. D.–By what further right or benefit does he expect to gain admission?

J. D.–By being a man, free born, of good repute, and well recommended.

S. D.–Is he such?

J. D.–He is.

S. D.–Since he is in possession of all these necessary qualifications, you will wait with patience until the Worshipful Master is informed of his request, and his answer returned.

Deacon closes the door and repairs to the altar before the Worshipful Master, raps once on the floor with his rod, which is

p. 30

responded to by the Master with his gavel, when the same thing is passed through with as at the door, and the Master says:

W. M.–Let him enter, and be received in due form.

The Senior Deacon takes the compasses from off the altar, re-pairs to the door, opens it, and says:

S. D.–Let him enter, and be received in due form.

Senior Deacon steps back, while the Junior Deacon, with candidate, enters the Lodge, followed by the two Stewards. As they advance they are stopped by the Senior Deacon, who presents one point of the compasses to the candidate’s naked left breast, and says:

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