W M.–Have all voted? If so, Brother Senior Deacon, you wild close the ballot.

Senior Deacon closes the drawer, and carries the box to the Junior Warden in the south He nulls out the top drawer, looks to see if the drawer is “clear” or not, and then closes it and

p. 26

hands it to the Deacon, who carries it to the Senior Warden in the west for his examination. As the Deacon leaves the Junior Warden’s station, the Master says to him:

W. M.–Brother Junior Warden, how stands the ballot in the south?

J. W. (makes the sign of a Master Mason, see Fig. 6, page 18.)–Clear in the south, Worshipful. (If not clear, and there should be a black ball or two, he would say–Not clear in the south, Worshipful.)

By this time the Senior Warden has examined, and the Master inquires of him:

W. M.–Brother Senior Warden, how stands the ballot in the west?

S. W.–Clear (or not) in the west, Worshipful. (Making the sign.)

By this time the Deacon has arrived at the Worshipful Master’s station in the east. He looks in the box, and says:

W. M.–And clear (or not clear) in the east. Brethren, you have elected (or not) Mr. Joseph Locker to the First Degree in Masonry.

The other candidate is balloted for in the same manner.


W. M. (conferring Degrees.)–Brother Junior Deacon, you will ascertain whether there are any candidates in waiting, and for what Degree, and report at once.

The Junior Deacon inquires of the Tyler and brethren generally, and reports some one will name a candidate who has been previously balloted for, who will probably be waiting in the ante-room.

J. D.–There is one, or two (as the ease may be) now in waiting for the First Degree, Mr. Peter Gabe and Mr. John Milke.

W. M.–Brethren, there seems to be a good deal of business on hand this evening; but my business engagements are such as to render it impossible for me to be present very late, consequently we will confer the Degree upon Mr. Gabe only, and will call a special communication next week to attend to Mr. Milke’s wants. You will inform Mr. Milke, Brother Junior Deacon, of our decision, and not keep him any longer in waiting. You will also say to Mr. Gabe, that as soon as we finish the regular business of the Lodge, he can have the First Degree conferred on him.

Junior Deacon does his duty.

p. 27


W. M. (considering unfinished business.)–No unfinished business.


W. M. (disposing of such other business as may lawfully come before the Lodge.)–Brethren, if there is no further business before this Lodge of Master Masons, we will proceed to close the same, and open an Entered Apprentices’ Lodge, for the purpose of initiation.

Here Lodges differ, in the mode of lowering from a Masters’ to an Entered Apprentices’ Lodge. Some close entirely, and open on the First; but we will adopt a short way, that Lodges have at the present day.

W. M.–Brother Senior Warden, are you sure all present are Entered Apprentice Masons?

S. W.–I am sure, Worshipful, all present are Entered Apprentice Masons.

W. M.–If you are sure all present are Entered Apprentice Masons, you will have them come to order as such, reserving yourself for the last.

S. W. (gives three raps with his gavel, all rise to their feet.)–Brethren, you will come to order as Entered Apprentice Masons.

The members place their hands in the position of a duegard of an Entered Apprentice. (See Plate 1, page 16.) When the Master makes “the sign, by drawing his hand across his throat, all follow suit; Worshipful then makes one rap with the gavel, Senior Warden one, and the Junior Warden one.

W. M.–I now declare this Lodge of Master Masons closed, and an Entered Apprentice in its stead. Brother Junior Deacon, inform the Tyler; Brother Senior Deacon, attend at the altar (which is placing both points of the compasses under the square). (Worshipful Master gives one rap, which seats the whole Lodge.) Brother Junior Deacon, you will take with you the necessary assistants (the two Stewards), repair to the ante-room, where there is a candidate in waiting (Mr. Gabe, for the First Degree in Masonry), and, when duly prepared, you will make it known by the usual sign (one rap).

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