One of the main Gnostic scientific teachings for the past 3,000 years is that we humans are dualistic beings. What the Gnostics had meant in simple modern terms is that there are two separate parts, elements, and or aspects to we humans. One element is immortal being made of light (spirit or soul) and the other mortal darkness (flesh or materiality).

The human spirit was of divine origin and good which came from the True God. It was made of an immortal light that descended from the heavens. The body was opposed to this light because it was inherently material, earthly and can be led to commit acts of evil. It was made of mortal flesh ruled by a False creator God who held sway over those materialistic souls who have not reached spiritual Gnosis.

Contrary to popular misbelief, the Gnostics were not hostile to the physical world or the flesh, they sought to master the darkness with special knowledge (Gnosis). Not to be ruled by the flesh and materiality of the world, but to rule over it with this self-acquired Gnosis.

These teachings of human duality were a special type of Gnosis (knowledge) that was propagated to initiates in the Secret Mysteries for thousands of years by various schools of philosophy that were found in Egypt, Phoenicia, Greece, and later in Rome where it was incorporated into the Scriptures of the Catholic Church. This Christian duality is depicted in the stories of Satan the deceiver who is known as the enemy and adversary to humans.

As a modern Gnostic living in a Secular world ruled by fundamental science, I have found that this ancient theology of human duality can be easily explained and proved. In a future media series, I will explain this science of Gnostic Duality, which proves humans are dualistic beings. 

For now, let us explore the concept of duality from an ancient Gnostic perspective.

The essence of Gnostic dualism centers around the innate duality of the human being as a divine soul trapped in a material world ruled controlled by the demiurge and his archonic parasitic forces. An as within so without philosophy that they encoded into their teachings as two opposing forces of light and darkness, material and spiritual, good and evil, and an inner self and outer world where there is “A war being waged for your soul.”

The Christians depicted this battle for your soul in the stories of Jesus who casts out demons and devils or the sinless Job being allowed by God to be tempted or tormented by Satan to test his loyalty. Job being a Gnostic Warrior remains faithful and righteous, and the adversary Satan is shamed in his defeat

In Gnostic dualistic mythology, human society is divided into spiritual and material beings ie: the light and the dark.

The material humans live in ignorance because they are ruled by their flesh and material pursuits. Hence, they live in darkness never realizing the light and divine spark within them. This form of reality is said to be ruled by the false creator God Yadobaoth who would be akin to the Christian Satan/Devil who is the opposer or adversary. This is why modern Satanists are Agnostics (do not believe in knowledge of God) and are opposed to anything related to the teachings of Gnosis and the light of Christianity.

On the other hand, the spiritual beings of our world have reached Gnosis or enlightenment because they have become in union with the divine light (spark, essence, phosphorus) from the True God (Jupiter) that connects us all. These people have transcended the material world made by the false God and flesh to become one with the Light of True God.

The have become Gods amongst men and Goddesses amongst women.

The facts are that we humans come into this labyrinth of a world generally ignorant of the divine light that resides within us all. A purposeful game and test of human will in which we all get to choose are part on the worldwide chessboard that is ruled by the Archons.

We all must realize that regardless of race and our country, all humans have this divine spark, yet few people realize, or should I say wake up to the light and power they hold within. They have become trapped in the labyrinth ie: the false physical reality or Matrix that imprisons their soul.

A system purposely designed to test your soul, reason, intellect and ultimately, what side of the Gnostic dividing line you stand.

The recognition of the duality of humans on behalf of the Gnostic initiates is one of the first true signs of an inner knowing or Gnosis. A spiritual comprehension of human nature that will not only help you Know Thyself, but know Thyworld.

A unique spiritual insight that has been known through the Ages as “Gnosis.” To serve the light and become one in union with God was to be a True Gnostic. To serve the darkness was to serve the false God Yaldabaoth and whom Christian Gnostics today call Satan.

As the great Gnostic scholar, G. Quispel once wrote: “The world-spirit in exile must go through the Inferno of matter and the Purgatory of morals to arrive at the spiritual Paradise.”


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