The infamous holistic doctor and webmaster, Dr. Mercola, announced yesterday that he would be completely removing 25 years’ worth of articles from his website archives to appease U.S. Government authorities. In modern internet terms, it was akin to the Sack of the Library of Alexandria, but just the American Holistic section and digitally. 

The Sack of Mercola’s Internet Archives happened just weeks after the coordinated effort of the New York Times and the White House listing Mercola in a group of 12 people who were responsible for sharing 65 percent of all anti-vaccine messaging on social media.

Articles such as, “A Dozen Misguided Influencers Spread Most of the Anti-Vaccination Content on Social Media.”

Like America’s FBI Most Wanted, the good health information super spreader, Mercola, was then placed as the #1 perpetrator of a group called the “ The Disinformation Dozen” by the nonprofit behind the research, Center for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH).

This Disinformation Dozen includes well-known anti-vaccination activists such as Robert F. Kennedy, Jr, as well as influencers like Rizza Islam and Kevin Jenkins who deliver anti-vaccine falsehoods to the African-American population.

They state that these 12 people are generating two-thirds of anti-vaccination content on Facebook and Twitter.

As the CCDH claims, “the public cannot make informed decisions about their health when they are constantly inundated by disinformation and false content.”

For doing so, Mercola and the other 11 Perps are now grouped in with Hate Groups.

Next up, the N.Y. Times, who commiSSioned a couple of hit pieces by reporters WASPS on Mercola over the past few weeks. Articles such as “The Most Influential Spreader of Coronavirus Misinformation’ and ‘Tracking Viral Misinformation’.

Like the China Wuhamn lab and a poor rich test lab rat, Mercola and his website were now officially labeled ground zero as the chief spreader of coronavirus misinformation.

Like parasitic wasps looking for new prey, the N.Y. Times openly says these same reporters WASPS will track, chronicle, and debunk false and misleading information that is going viral online.

It didn’t take long for the poison of the White House and N.Y. Times reporter’s virtual ink to settle within Mercola’s veins.

Within days of the coordinated media and government attack, Mercola admitted defeat, stating he was deleting all his content on his website within 48 hours in a widely distributed letter and Youtube video.

“I am beyond thrilled that there are tens of millions of people who have benefitted from what I have shared over the years,” Mercola said in a letter to his followers.

“These were the times when many of the views I presented were criticized, but that’s to be expected. That was one of the great freedoms we enjoyed. We could have different views and we could speak openly about these views without fear of retribution.”

Mercola continues, “But we are now in a different time. A much darker time. The silence of free speech is now deafening.”

He also says that he is NOT going away and will continue publishing articles and videos but delete them within 48 hours. So apparently, with the help of the Dr.’s own words, the WASPS are already on to his new plan, and from the looks of things, it doesn’t look good for Mercola.

In fact, from the looks of the attacks, they will not stop until he is finished.

While Mercola walks away from the free speech fight with broken wings, a digital muzzle, and an empty website arch-Hive, the reporters WASPS have publicly announced their victory over his rotting and half-dead holistic corpse with series of new articles and also an in-your-face warning to the crafty Mercola.

I gueSS unlike Alexandria, they know Mercola has a 100 GB backup drive and Caesar won’t stop until the last pages are burned!

Hell, when the paid experts WASPS start not just chiming into the conversation but singing stinging in a globally coordinated chorus and the Chicago Tribune are also making memes like below, you know, it is not long until “you are publically finished.”

The head authorities WASPS are now proclaiming, “him trying to come up with his own strategies of avoiding his content being taken down, while also playing up this martyrdom and “this is exactly what happens when you are enforcing policies against Covid misinformation — people try extreme ways to work around your restrictions.”

A top spreader of coronavirus misinformation says he will delete his posts after 48 hours.

The reporters WASPS celebrated:

“Joseph Mercola, who researchers say is a chief spreader of coronavirus misinformation online, said on Wednesday that he would delete posts on his site 48 hours after publishing them.

In a post on his website, Dr. Mercola, an osteopathic physician in Cape Coral, Fla., said he was deleting his writings because President Biden had “targeted me as his primary obstacle that must be removed” and because “blatant censorship” was being tolerated.

Dr. Mercola has built a vast operation to disseminate anti-vaccination and natural health content and to profit from it, according to researchers. He employs teams of people in places like Florida and the Philippines, who swing into action when news moments touch on health issues, rapidly publishing blog posts and translating them into nearly a dozen languages, then pushing them to a network of websites and to social media.

An analysis by The New York Times found that he had published more than 600 articles on Facebook that cast doubt on Covid-19 vaccines since the pandemic began, reaching a far larger audience than other vaccine skeptics. Dr. Mercola criticized The Times’s reporting in his post on Wednesday, saying it was “loaded with false facts.”

Rachel E. Moran, a researcher at the University of Washington who studies online conspiracy theories, said the announcement by Dr. Mercola was “him trying to come up with his own strategies of avoiding his content being taken down, while also playing up this martyrdom of being an influential figure in the movement who keeps being targeted.”

Aaron Simpson, a Facebook spokesman, said, “This is exactly what happens when you are enforcing policies against Covid misinformation — people try extreme ways to work around your restrictions.”

Facebook, he said, “will continue to enforce against any account or group that violates our rules.”

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