DNA Gnosis – Part 1

Most every human being on earth with the proper alchemical and life work can achieve gnosis. However, please let it be known that we are not all cut from the same gnostic cloth. The facts are that each one of us has different history that is embedded deep within our DNA. Lost treasures about the past that are encoded into each individual that we inherit from our ancestors. Your gnosis comes from a combination of your DNA and knowledge of your soul with a connection to the source creator. However, it is the knowing that comes from within that is unique to each and every human being, or should I say DNA Haplogroup?

To seek the truth, you must first search within, and when you search within , you will find that each individual on earth will find a different path depending on their DNA, soul and karma. On this path that you search within,  you must also search without yourself because we live in a man-made allusion where every thing that appears to you as fact, may actually be false. Therefor, it is  imperative that you see clearly through the game we know as our lives via your intuition to locate the truth, lost facts and hidden mysteries that will help you on your path to gnosis. A journey that not only looks above as it does below, but also with a vision to the future. However, I believe that the main ability when it comes to gnosis is the process of the search within, in order to take the path back in time. A step backwards to discover those hidden mysteries that are encoded within your DNA and soul that are unique to your blood line which written records have been lost or destroyed over time.

Simply put, you are your ancestors and your ancestors are you.

If your ancestors did nothing more than live in a jungle for the last 2,000 years, than that simply means you are going to have 2,000 years of jungle living gnosis encoded in your DNA. You would not be able to tap your inner gnosis to become the greatest inventors of the 21st century or lead the French to freedom because it is simply not in your DNA to do so. The reason being is that their DNA and soul does not have the past coding, knowledge and inner gnosis inherited from their ancestors who would in turn pass it to them. This is what makes one great inventor or military leader.

Does this mean that if your ancestors lives in a jungle for the last 2,000 years and you just came to the U.S. on a boat that you will not become like Einstein or the Wright Brothers? YES, YES AND YES!  Just think of your parents like card dealers in Vegas and the game is fixed. There will be no self-proclaimed ascended masters or a $79 Dragon course that will save you because whatever  DNA cards they deal you, you are stuck with and have to play that family hand accordingly. Anyone who tells you any different is lying or has some course or seminar to sell you.

You are your DNA first, soul second and a product of your environment last.

This is why you will find that the prophets and high priests of the past were most always related kin who not only shared the same DNA, but they also often shared the same teachings, knowledge and science that they had only passed down to kin.They knew that blood matters.

This custom came down from the ancient Egyptian priesthood to every single priesthood thereafter, that was an off shoot by marriage or conquering of the former priesthood;  which over time would change their DNA. They would all share this special blood that has all these Biblical genealogies, creators, kings, military leaders and the most famous inventors the world has ever seen. I am sure quite a few (not all) of the world’s leaders share or are an off shoot of this ancient blood line.

The facts are that there are millions of authors writing about subjects they truly do not have esoteric understanding of because it is not in their DNA. Yet our book shelves and magazines are loaded with their writings because we live in a world where anyone can publish on whatever subject they wish under the star Sirius. A published book in this world for some reason means credibility. It says nothing about whether they have the proper DNA credentials to make a mediocre book a ground breaking one, where they are able to discover and uncover that which no one else has done before. It is only the greatest writers that have this inner gnosis that they are able to tap into their DNA to become great, while the person who does not have this gnosis will be nothing more than mediocre.

When I think about this military and inventor gnosis via DNA, I think of some of the most famous military leaders and world-changing inventors in recent history that I happen to be related to. These blood related kin would be no other than Adolph HitlerNapoleon Bonaparte, Albert Einstein and the Wright Brothers to name a few. The YDNA paternal Haplogroup that all these famous men belong to is E1B1 with the specific sub-clad E1b1b1 making us all related by sharing a common ancestor.

For example, Napoleon Bonaparte belonged to haplogroup E1b1b1c1* (E-M34*). This haplogroup has its highest concentration in Ethiopia and in the Near East (Jordan).

Adolf Hitler, Chancellor of Germany from 1933 to 1945, is believed to belong to Y-DNA Haplogroup E1b1b1 (E-M35)

Albert Einstein belonged to haplogroup E1b1b1*-m35*, with a sample taken from a paternal descendants of Naphtali Hirsch Einstein

Famous English physician William Harvey, who was the first in the Western world to describe systemic circulation, belonged to Y-DNA haplogroup E1b1b1, more specifically to the subclade E1b1b1c1 (M34). Most ancient ancestor known was Humphrey Harvey (1459–1526, Kent, England).

The Wright Brothers of the United States belonged to Y-DNA haplogroup E1b1b1, subclade E1b1b1a2 (V13). They were supposedly descended from Robert Wright of Brook Hall, Essex, England.[citation needed] Look at Wright Dna Project

What did these specific men have that others did not? Was it because they had more brains or training than their fellow colleagues or competitors? Or maybe they had something special built within their DNA that gave them this inner knowing that the others simply did not have. A reservoir of creator, inventor and military DNA, that are most likely one of the most successful modern DNA blood lines in human history. Of course not all great leaders or inventors are limited to this specific blood line. There are certainly other Haplogroups that have Greatness built into them and some others, not so great. However, I do believe that certain modern Haplogroups contain specific ancestral traits that scientists can now segment groups as a “blood type trait” that will identify talents and quite possibly destiny such as this unique E1B1 blood line.

Maybe your own DNA or blood line holds special unique ancestral talents that you will be able to piece together in order to publish your findings on the internet like I have done. Should modern science ignore these DNA facts based on the fear of being labeled race biased or blood superiority Führer’s, or should we look at this as simple facts in order to make the future of man kind more predictably smarter?


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    1. Hello,

      I’m AB negative. My DNA Haplogroup is Haplogroup E-M123 which is from North Africa, Ancient Egypt, Ethiopia, Ancient Phoenicia and ancient Greece

      1. Yes I wondered if you were a negative. My ancestry as far as I know is german, scotish and irish and english. I can see where you are coming from. I think you mean that for some people’s bloodline the link to spirit or the link to alternate thought is based on there DNA and there ancestry and possibly I think there past lives if this is how life works. I am agnostic and pagan and was brought up a Christian. I am B negative blood and I believe that either the negative blood type, or a haplogroup as you suggest has a predisposition to be able to see things… Differently. I wonder if this means our ancestors were seers because the defining thing about your great leaders in your examples isn’t necessarily the fact that they DID great things.. Case in point re Hilter, but the fact that they SAW the world through open eyes, impossible things were not impossible to them and they passionately followed there ideals there vision and there quests in ways that others would never perhaps even conceive of.. A dedication. A gnosis… Even if it was misguided in its output or in hitlers case.. He was totally used by the Vril and I think as well. Let me post you something I wrote in a Seidr group Im in .

        “Ok there is so much interesting info about WW2 that is controversial and labeled conspiratorial. Germans ever since have been stigmatised and demonised because of that war. I do not agree with concentration camps anti jewish retoric or rasicm. But this is beyond all of that. When you look at this quote from Churchill “What was the real goal of WW2?
        Churchill said this:
        “You must understand that this war is not against Hitler or National
        Socialism, but against the strength of the German people, which is to be
        smashed once and for all, regardless whether it is in the hands of
        Hitler or a Jesuit priest” So much of what is happening now started from around the time of this war. The other important things around this time are the culmination of Teslas energy theories and Germany working on anti gravity technology while USA was working on atomic bombs. Its when the history of the planet and us as a species was being researched and reinterpreted and from this point till now,, we have theories of UFO technology, interstellar travel, astral travel, zero point energy, free energy, nano tech, genetic research ect ect. In the last fifty years we as a race have technologically advanced; but its behind a veil, as the public is unaware of what the military and government is actually working on behind the USA’s $3 trillion dollar black budget. The reason I am saying this… Is this.. there is a reason we are all being called by our ancestors back to the heart of these roots. There is a reason Norse, Germanic Tuetonic ideas and religion have been stifled and its behind the same agenda as the WW2 agenda. We have a strength . A GNOSIS. The pantheon and the world tree mirrors many other pagan occult hermetic and gnostic egyptian teachings, its strength is in that it gives an understanding of the workings of life behind this veil of the material. It is this (although misguided in its eventual war regime under Hitler) that caused the strength of the German people, and people like Tesla, to look beyond the obvious and experiment with anti gravity technology, astral travel etc etc. This total lack of fear of our own psyche the ‘underworld’ the unknown and the laws of the universe, is how they advanced to see the world through the eyes of the ALL. Questions remain, Where did they go when they disappeared into Antarctica into there new ASGARD. Did they find a civilisation under the earths crust? Or just create there own? Did they create the first UFO prototypes as per there records? Did they get in touch with interstellar beings or inter dimensional beings like the mediums from the Vril society? Is it true that Odhin is the kin link to the royal family already in power in britain? “.Odin….least in part, the authority of the ruler descended from the gods (he is the most frequent father of royal lines – including, according to Anglo-Saxon genealogies, the current royal house of England).”. Odin… most of the Royals were Nazi supporters before it all got out of hand … and then that all there insignia is NOT christian but pagan. Is there a literal bloodline of ‘Giants’ and the Gods?. Or a Vanir type race on earth? Were the Vanir the first Lemurian or Atlantian race linked to the earth and the first shsmans? Freya taught Odhinn seidr right? Is this linked to idea of Annunaki? There are numerous teachings that say humans were created by the ‘Gods’. Did you ever wonder why the Norse myths say we are made FROM TREES.? who lived primarily in trees.. HOMINIDS. We are not hominids, they were the vessels for the two first RACES of human species ADAMS AND EVES According to Sitchin. “Australopithecus afarensis is an extinct hominid that lived between 3.9 & 2.9 Ma. A.afarensis … She lived at a time when the climate was warm and humid with dense forests of oak, ELM and ASH trees.”” The bones of actual giants found all over the earth shows there was a giant race.. this backs up the Norse myths and many other teachings that giants existed. The latest findings say that the earth used to look more like a Lord of the Rings trilogy with different species of hobbits, giants, humans and Hominids. Evidence shows Hominids still exist in the parts of the earth we do not venture , marshlands, deep jungles, etc. Whatever you believe about any of this… the most important thing to remember is this. Our ancestors are calling at this time for a reason. We are the next generation of STRONG Germanic Tuetonic Norse peoples who need to reconnect with this knowledge in all its forms so we can use the underlying truths to see this world as it ACTUALLY is. To see as our Gods see, to see truth from lies and nurture the whole of the World Tree inside of us and outside of us. We are powerful devine beings made in the image of our Gods and all races and all peoples share this heritage but our particular ideology and our cultural version of this universal truth, is the one that has been trampled on for so long and its time to take this back. to make it strong again. If you want any links on some of the things I’ve been looking into let me know. I am aware it is seen as not standard accepted truth, as ‘conspiracy’ and I am in no way saying i have the answers, but my journey so far has lead me to see these links as perhaps deeper than we think. Our journey into these truths is only beginning. Troth.

  1. These are nothing more than preposterous conjectures completely lacking in evidence and logic. On just about every page of this site, you assert your baseless opinions as “truth.” Your historical narrative is all over the place as well. You basically accept Hebrew mythology (OT stories) as irrefutable historical fact and then attempt to massage every ancient historical event into that grand erroneous assumption.

    This article is like a hideous lovechild of retro racist pseudoscience and Caste-reinforcing Karmism.

    Applying the “Gnostic” label to your ramblings doesn’t make them anything more than ramblings.

    1. Hey Mr. Ignorant – Our whole histories have been fabricated lies and this fact will cause any alternative researcher such as myself to appear as if their historical narrative is a chaotic mess. Especially to the unawakened masses who foolishly think they are awake like you.

      In regards to DNA being a type of computer hard drive that has in it our encoded genes, and histories of our families in which we tap for true Gnosis is a scientific explanation of how we each arrive at Gnosis. Where do you think it comes from? Outer space? The hive mind? There is PLENTY of evidence to back up my claims and if you do not think DNA Gnosis is logical, then you are just mind controlled Gnostic drone like 99% of all the other self proclaimed Gnostics and truth tellers who live a lie as if is truth and attack truth as if it is a lie.

      Welcome to humanity in 2014. A bunch of humans who do not know their pasts, let alone their own selves or the truth and they go around the internet acting as if they know it all correcting and judging others as if they hold the keys to all truth when they are the people spreading hate, lies and dissension.

      Mind controlled drones who think they are intellectuals or Gnostics like you make me laugh. It is rather pathetic, but expected.

  2. Does this mean that if your ancestors lives in a jungle for the last 2,000 years and you just came to the U.S. on a boat that you will not become like Einstein or the Wright Brothers? YES, YES AND YES!
    Do not talk rubbishes, What are these bullshits, why you proclaim this with firm and confidence with 3 YESes?
    I agree with shard88, All human are same and have access to that divine power given by GOD. there are human who were able to tap on it some not. By the way You are your Spirit (soul) first, DNA second, Don’t think you know many thing, you need to learn sometime. Don’t forget you are a Spirit and consciousness in a physical from called human, you are not a human with spirit and consciousness in it. We are the UNIVERSE experiencing itself here in this planet.

  3. Scientists, world leaders and military leaders are all examples of control/manipulation – they use their specific ‘genetic’ traits to exert power over the masses. Obviously I’m aware of which ‘bloodlines’ you talk about, the enslavers. Since you follow Gnostic truths, I’m sure you are aware of the Archons. I don’t dispute that these people were great but do we actually need more of them? Don’t we need more Jesus’s and Ghandi’s? Givers not takers.

    Your elite genetic heroes may had the genetic ability to ‘see’ truths more clearly but they also kept them hidden for their own purposes.

    It is also common knowledge that said ‘jungle people’ have been kept in a less evolved/enslaved state of being by the enslavers. Why so much effort if they are just mediocre? They have evolved a different set of genetic traits/ abilities to ‘see’ the truth.. but the difference is the truth is free to whomever may seek it, no strings attached.

    We all have the knowledge/truth hidden in ALL of our DNA, some people like your Einstein’s may have easier access to it but in truth under certain experiences anybody can unlock and access the knowledge. Though why I would want to use it to dominate and enslave others, I have no idea.

    So one DNA haplogroup may be predisposed to intelligence and logic, whoever said such traits brings us closer to Gnosis? I would rather have compassion, intuition, imagination and empathy anyday.

    The entire article seemed like an excuse for you to inflate your ego.

  4. Haha well you are correct about certain things. However saying that it is a definite binding truth is completely ignorant on your part (and I am not saying you are ignorant as you do possess more than the average person, I simply refer to a certain statement). While DNA and blood do contribute to one’s natural proficiency, you can only say it is their binding chain if you do not factor in the whole picture. Willpower can overcome much, as well as developing ones intuition and perception. You say someone with 2000 years of jungle history cannot be a great inventor? Well the only difference for them is that they would need to master the new information upon whatever area of invention you are proclaiming as all invention general standard, if for example they do not know how to harness electricity then they would just need to master it and then they can easily apply it. And this is not taking into account that these people are in fact inventors as well, they just invent things that work in their particular environment, after all if they were not than they would not have invented the bow, or the pyramid (referring to the jungles of south america whom if you wish to get technical have a connection to other jungle peoples of africa).

    Limiting one to blood is folly, and the ones who do so suppress the potential of others so they do not discover they themselves have the same capacity for any role in existence. Those that do, are ones who seek power for themselves, to rule, and thus have you been deceived and need to have a little introspection upon the matter friend.

      1. Well that is interesting information, however all I am drawing from it is the major impact of environment and education creating a particular pattern. I did not even bring up race or skin color, I only mentioned the example you used, since technically any race or skin color could have 2000 years of history in a particular environment if it happens to settle and stay there. In the end the only thing dna plays a role in is a higher probability for one to be more naturally gifted in a certain area by inheriting the experiences of their ancestors and/or their past incarnations. However literally everyone can, if in an environment that does not suppress their potential nor limit their ability to acquire the knowledge and skill required can do anything with education and training alone.

        The most obvious example is, let us say there is a poor ghetto plagued with drugs, violence, and other such problems associated with this environment, and another neighborhood of middle class suburbia. Let us for the sake of the race argument use a black individual. Do you think if he is raised in the ghetto or raised in the suburb he will have more capacity to succeed in society? One has limited resources (money being a major limitation since even if he overcomes his environment he cannot receive education nor training since these things require money under normal circumstances) as well as negative temptations, dangers, and high stress, the other has higher resources, less danger, less temptation, and overall a higher chance to both preserve potential as well as develop it.

        This is the truth. Sometimes when living in the world of science and numbers, while a great tool, we forget to see the real world for what it is, and life for what it is. Will a tree grow in fertile ground or under an ocean?

  5. You say that this website is a online crusade. We all know that the Templars lost in the past crusades. You will too. I see what you are doing. You and the Templars will be stopped

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