Devil's horns were handed out during AC/DC’s opening performance of “Highway to Hell,” and just about as fast as Kate Perry could flash us the horns, the Illuminati conspiracies and devilish tin foil hat theories about the 2015 Grammy's started hitting the 'net' big time.

Baphomet horns at the grammys Katy Perry

One online publication had written"Madonna Dances Over Pit Of Horned Demons At 2015 Grammy's."

Baphomet horns at the grammys 4 had made this image below proclaiming, "Letting her hair down, the Like A Virgin star strutted and danced her way across the stage in the red one piece. In true Madonna style, she was surrounded by scantily-clad masked men – her demons."

Baphomet horns at the grammys madonna

The Blaze wrote, "Did You Catch the 'Satanic' Religious Theme That Popped During the Grammy's."

Baphomet horns at the grammys 2

Another online publication had said, "2015 Grammys Illuminati rumors emerge over devil horns.

The Illuminati sensationalist who has made a living over the last several years making up conspiracies just about every day, the not so nice Mark Dice posted this video, "AC/DC Grammys “Highway to Hell” Illuminati Satanic Performance - 2015 Symbolism and Secrets Analysis."

Here is the video performance of Madonna at the Grammy's.

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