Demons Who Feed On Human Energy

Man has no free will at the present time, but merely the power of choice over a certain area of incidents brought, by his ever growing consciousness, within the scope of his comprehension.” – 33rd Degree Freemason, Manly P. Hall

Not many people are aware that there is an unseen world that surrounds each one of us which we cannot touch, or see with our own two eyes. A world that escapes our vision, but is at play in everything we do. Some people call it the spirit world, elemental world, astral plane, or the supernatural.

This unseen world actually influences our destinies, to the point that some adepts such as Manly P. Hall claim that we do not simply have free will. Sure, we can make simple day-to-day choices, but our future may already be predetermined, and our paths being led by supernatural entities that are often called demons, angels, elementals, and or parasites. Some of them being good, and many more being bad.

Many of the world’s leading authorities on spirituality and the occult confirm these facts.

The Swiss Hermes, Paracelsus von Hohenheim (1490-1541) once said, “I got into Meditation because I was inhibited. Turns out I was inhabited!” What Paracelsus was hinting to was the fact that we are not alone in our bodies, and on our path we call life. He had identified them as harmful parasitic organisms that feed off human energies.

Many of us humans create and attract these unseen bad creatures through our thoughts and actions. These creatures then feed on our flesh, blood, semen and energies.

If our parents were who could be called sinners, immoral or unethical, they pass along these creatures to us in the womb. As it is said, “God’s punishment as owing to both the sins of the fathers and the sins of the children, ” or “the apple doesn’t fall too from the tree.”

If we sons and daughters which are born in sin do not correct these inequities against the natural laws which govern us, we become but born again de facto Satanists prone to serve the darkness throughout our lives. Millions upon millions of dark beings procreating their seeds and thus creating the evil world we see around us at the very moment. They fill every rank of our society from the highest to the lowest offices. This is why we currently have an epidemic of war, violence, mental illness and disease in our world.

How you have thought, lived and sinned, will determine the entities that are attached to you at this very moment. The very unseen entities that may be driving you sad or mad.

Manly P. Hall had called them “strange creatures of other planes.” “Creatures,” who he said. “many of us would be frightened to death of if we could actually see them. Hall said, “we seldom realize that our passions and hates create these demonical beings in the superphysical world, but this is one of the secrets to black magic. Every evil or debased thought and emotion of man helps build these tearing, rending creatures, the innate qualities of which become in the hands of those who know, agencies for the destruction of light. It also seems part of plan, that those who chain these demons shall themselves fall victims to their own slaves, for one after another, the black magicians are sucked into a maelstrom of the astral hell.”

incubusThese creatures Hall speaks of are sometimes referred to as in Latin, Incubus and Succubus, and in English it is named the “Mare.” Male and female parasites. They were said by the Church Fathers such as Saint Augustine and Saint Thomas, to be spirits that trouble both men and women when they sleep. The spawns of the pagan gods which are called devils.

The Platonist associated them with the Telchines of Crete who I have written about many times before. Some people held that Merlin was begotten of his mother by a spirit named Incubus.(1) In Shakespeare’s Tempest, he gives Caliban Arch-Incubus as his sire.

In Thomas Middleton, A mad world my masters, Act iv. (in Dodsley’s Old Plays, Vol. v. p. 329.) a man is addressed by a Succubus:

Have I this season wrought with cunning,
Which, when I come, I find thee shunning?
When was place and season sweeter?
Thy bliss in sight, and dar’st not meet her?(2)

Manly P. Hall had written in the Secret Teachings of All Ages;

“The terms incubus and succubus have been applied indiscriminately by the Church Fathers to elementals. The incubus and succubus, however, are evil and unnatural creations, whereas elementals is a collective term for all the inhabitants of the four elemental essences.

According to Paracelsus, the incubus and succubus (which are male and female respectively) are parasitical creatures subsisting upon the evil thoughts and emotions of the astral body. These terms are also applied to the superphysical organisms of sorcerers and black magicians. While these larvæ are in no sense imaginary beings, they are, nevertheless, the offspring of the imagination. By the ancient sages they were recognized as the invisible cause of vice because they hover in the ethers surrounding the morally weak, and continually incite them to excesses of a degrading nature.

For this reason they frequent the atmosphere of the dope den, the dive, and the brothel, where they attach themselves to those unfortunates who have given themselves up to iniquity. By permitting his senses to become deadened through indulgence in habit-forming drugs or alcoholic stimulants, the individual becomes temporarily en rapport with these denizens of the astral plane. The houris seen by the hasheesh or opium addict and the lurid monsters which torment the victim of delirium tremens are examples of submundane beings, visible only to those whose evil practices are the magnet for their attraction.”

Frantz Hartman had said this about on Incubus and Succubus:

“Incubus and Succubus.—Male and female parasites growing out of the astral elements of man or woman in consequence of a lewd imagination. 2. Astral forms of dead persons (Elementaries), being consciously or instinctively attracted to such persons, manifesting their presence in tangible if not visible forms, and having carnal intercourse with their victims. 3. The astral bodies of sorcerers and witches visiting men or women for immoral purposes. The Incubus is male, and the Succubus female.”(3)


1. The Fyrst Boke of the Introduction of Knowledge Made by Andrew …, Volume 3 By Andrew Boorde, Barnes satirist.

2. Travels in Crete, Volume 2 By Robert Pashley

3. The life of Philippus Theophrastus Bombast of Hohenheim, known by the name … By Franz Hartmann

29 Replies to “Demons Who Feed On Human Energy”

  1. We have the free will of removing these things. The free will to choose the behavior that limits their interest. We have the free will to find people who know how to remove these things from folks, and have the free will to accept the cleansing, the second chance at being a human instead of a meat puppet…I know how to remove these things.

  2. We are a world similar to a video game. Our soul controls us. It steers us through situations to gain experience. Do you weep for your character when it gets injured or killed. When you reset your game. You learn from your past mistakes and do better next time. Same with the eternal soul that controls you. What ever you are experiencing it is your soul(controller) making it happen. That is why each of us have our own experience. That is why each of us see different things and see things differently.

          1. Jesse, I also need help. I’ve been followed all my life; was ambushed a couple years ago and still being followed. Do you think you might be able to help me??? I’m not sure how I can get in contact with you?

  3. This is an excellent article. I have never been sure exactly what the Djinn/succubus/incubus were. Mohammed said that they were a disembodied previous creation of God which alike humans shared free will. There are some theories that an ancient civilization on the earth which used crystal energies messed up big time, causing the earth to change axis and dropped or raised substantially in its vibrational rate. This ‘fall’ caused Humans to drop substantially in consciousness, and the djinn who also shared this planet and predated humanity as an earlier creation prototype became disembodied. They were unable to reincarnate into the different vibrational world, but were able to attach themselves to human consciousness, particularly when humans resonated to the muses of their lower chakras. ie lust,anger violence,gluttony and the other vices.
    I particularly liked explanations from Manly P. Hall which you used. He was certainly someone that made a lot of sense on reflection. When he was describing master occult magicians who would manifest djinn to serve them eventually becamed consumed and overshadowed by their creations, and fell into lives of degredation. It sounds like he was referring to Aleister Crowley who ended his days as a bloated drunk satyr.

    1. Demon is just another word for angel. Hence, there are good and bad demons just like there are good and bad angles. The English word demon is derived from the Latinized versions, “dæmon” and “daimôn” of the original Greek “δαίμων.” According to Plato, in his Cratylus, the etymology of daimôn/daēmones (δαίμονες: deity/daêmôn δαήμονες) is from tfanuwv, knowing, wise or intelligent.

      I’d rather learn from the ancients than modern day new age spin doctors and black magicians…

      1. Only technically. Angels are more akin to archons and EVIL. Demons are the gods of the gentiles. Here is an excerpt quote from the Catholic Encyclopedia is very revealing: In the same way the Greeks and Romans may have worshiped their divinities, fondly believing them to be good. But the Christian Scriptures declare that all the gods of the Gentiles are demons. (Catholic Encyclopedia: Devil Worship.)

        Everything Abrahamic is the enemy of ALL gentiles.

        1. “The original Horned God is Satan. In addition, few Wiccans bother to do any indepth research regarding the Gods and Goddesses they commune with and worship. Most of these deities are of the Pantheon of Hell. Many Wiccans and modern Pagans also unknowingly mix their deities (Angels with Demons) and this can spell disaster. I read a long list of deities these people claim to worship and it is obvious they really know nothing much about them. Most of these writings consist of nothing but double talk, for example: how “Ishtar” should be evoked instead of “Ashtaroth” even though they are the same Goddess. They claim using the name “Ashtaroth” is different, even though they readily admit she is the same Goddess.”

  4. Thanks brother and I truly appreciate your support!

    Your comment and article reminds of the battle the church had waged on the Gnostics for centuries. In order to win in war, one must fool and confuse their opposition. But please keep in mind that there are many passages in the bible that warn us of living a lie and to live in truth.

    John 8:32 – And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.

    Hosea 4:6 – My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge; because you have rejected knowledge, I reject you from being a priest to me. And since you have forgotten the law of your God, I also will forget your children.

    Proverbs 24:5 – A wise man is full of strength, and a man of knowledge enhances his might,

    Proverbs 27, 7 – The full soul loatheth an honeycomb; but to the hungry soul every bitter thing is sweet

    Proverbs 14, 6 – A scorner seeketh wisdom and findeth it not; but knowledge is easy unto him that understandeth.

  5. Hi Moe: Great work as always even though I am not really into mythological explanations for reality. But I had a great insight or inspiration I have never seen before. I thought you might get a kick out of it! I know you busy so I don’t send you stuff. But I really like this because it was inspired. Woke me up out of a dead sleep and I had to write it. Weird.

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