Al Gore globalBreaking Gnostic New World Order Climate Change News: The Senate on Wednesday passed a measure stating that “climate change is real and is not a hoax” by a margin of 98-1.  The only no vote came from Senator Roger Wicker (R–MS).

The big question of the day was if we humans contribute to climate change, and the house was divided on this issue. The Democrats voted YES, humans do contribute, and The Republicans, a big NO.

Slate reported: “Fifty US senators affirmed that they indeed do believe that the activities of human beings contribute to climate change. OK. But 49 senators—fully half the upper house that represents our grand republic—do not.”

Whether you as a citizen believe in climate change or not here in America, it really doesn’t matter what you think because the facts are that many of our lawmakers think it is not a hoax. What this means is that our nation, laws and future will be forged by the simple principle of protecting the environment and the future of Mother Earth.

These votes by the U.S. Senate go along with the planned dismantling of our economy, industry and life as we know it, that has been happening for decades now. This change in the way we live, and the future landscape of our country is what is known as the United Nations plan called Agenda 21 in which the U.S. is a huge supporter of this agenda. It has been said by some researchers that these occult facts are actually written in stone at the Georgia Guidestones, making them a stone cold reality.

A future on earth with less pollution, poison, plastic things, and yes, people…

It is what it is folks. As a modern Gnostic, you better prepare yourself and family for the Archons to implement these changes that will affect the future of Western life as we know it.

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