Charlemagne, in Latin, Carolus Magnus (Charles the Great) was said by many people to be a giant Bede and charlemagneman of very large height and to have tremendous strength. There are multiple historical accounts stating that he was approximately 7-8 feet tall or larger and had such incredible strength that he could cut a man and even a horse in half with one blow from his sword.

Here is one these stories from the old book, “A Book of Giants: Tales of Very Tall Men of Myth, Legends, History, and Science” by Henry Wysham Lanier;

“Great was the Emperor’s fame after his prodigious conquests in Saxony, France, Germany, Lorraine, Burgundy, Italy, and now in Spain; and his person befitted his renown.

“He was of a ruddy complexion,” says Turpin’s Chronicle, “with brown hair; of a well-made handsome form, but stern visage. His height was about eight of his own feet which were very long. He was of a strong, robust make; his legs and thighs very stout, and his sinews firm. His face was thirteen inches long; his beard a palm; his nose half a palm; his forehead a foot over. His lion-like eyes flashed fire like carbuncles; his eye-brows were half a palm over.

When he was angry it was a terror to look upon him. He required eight span for his girdle besides what hung loose. He ate sparingly of bread, but a whole quarter of lamb, two fowls,  goose, or a large portion of pork; a peacock, crane or a whole hare. He drank moderately of wine and water.

He was so strong, that he could at a single blow cleave asunder an armed soldier on horseback, from the head to the waist, and the horse likewise. He easily vaulted over four horses harnessed together; and could raise an armed man from the ground to his head, as he stood erect upon his hand.”

Source: A Book of Giants: Tales of Very Tall Men of Myth, Legends, History, and Science By Henry Wysham Lanier

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