A Catholic priest took to Twitter to warn the star of the new occult cable TV show Dark Tourist that he is in “great spiritual and physical danger”.

A priest named Father Klement tweeted his warning to David Farrier saying he may have “entered into a pact with a demon”.

The tweet came presumably is due to the seventh episode of Dark Tourist, in which Farrier meets a woman Voodoo priest who leads him through an elaborate initiation ceremony.

Klement said, “I am a Catholic priest and exorcist,” reads the message. “For your own good, I would like to inform you that you have entered into a pact with a demon by taking part in a decree of initiation voodoo.

“This fact exposed you to great spiritual and physical danger. If possible, and if you believe what I am saying, look for a priest to help you break this malefic link.”

Farrier then replied to the tweet of doom saying: “so basically I’m f****d.”

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