Julius Caesar was known as “Divus Iulius” (Latin for “Julius is God”), and his son Augustus would be given the title of  Divi Filius (Latin for the “Son of a God”). Later Augustus would be known as the Savior to the Romans, and over time, savior to much of the world.

Adam Weishaupt, Bavarian Illuminati quote;

“Jesus of Nazareth, the Grand Master of our order, appeared at a time when the world was in the utmost Disorder, and among a people who for ages had groaned under the yolk of Bondage. He taught them the lessons of reason. To be more effective, he took the aid of Religion–of opinions which were current–and in a very clever manner, he combined his secret doctrines with he popular religion, and with the customs which lay to his hand.

A brothers blood is spilled as another ages prophecy is fulfilled.


The name of the ancient priesthood that Augustus Caesar had restored, was the high priests of Jupiter-Amon (Flamen Dialis), or the Arval Brothers who were also connected originally with the Sabine,or Sabazian priesthood [Pike -from Saba-Zeus, an oriental name of this Deity] of Sodales Titii. 33rd degree freemason, Albert McKay says this about the Sabazians; “The Mysteries of Bacchus were known as the Sabazian, Orphic and Dionysiac festivals. They went back to the remotest antiquity among the Greeks.”

The first step in the rebuilding of the priesthoods;

Octavian restored the college to its old rank and gained also the additional advantage that the people were impressed with the moral righteousness of their cause against Antony and Cleopatra, and also with the fact that it was a foreign, _i.e._ an international war, and not a civil one, in which they were about to engage. The effect of Octavian’s restoration was a lasting one, for from this time on, this priesthood was held in high honour during the whole of the empire, and the emperors themselves were members of it.

Tacitus, a priest in the Brotherhood had said“The reverence due to the gods was no longer exclusive. Augustus claimed equal worship. Temples were built and statues were erected to him; a mortal man was adored; and priests and pontiffs were appointed to pay him impious homage.”

St. Augustine explained the role of the Lord Jesus Christ

as the cornerstone who binds the Jews with the Gentiles in one building, as two walls with two different directions mingled together. He said: “It happened in the day of His birth that the Jewish shepherds saw Him, while in the day of Epiphany, the Gentile wise men worshiped Him. Truly, He was born as a cornerstone for both.

Saint Bede, the Father of English History and Doctor of the Church had written in his Biographical Writings and Letters;“In the forty-second year of Augustus Caesar, in the twenty-seventh from the death of Antony and Cleopatra, when Egypt became a Roman Province, in the third year of the 193rd Olympiad, and in the 752nd from the building of the city, in the year when all the commotions of nations were stilled throughout the whole world, and by the appointment of God, Caesar had established real and durable tranquility,

Jesus Christ consecrated by his advent of the 6th age of the world.”

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