In studying the history of reincarnation, I have found a strong correlation between people who have birthmarks and also reincarnation. I AM finding out in my research that there are many cases with people such as myself who believe they are reincarnated who also have peculiar birthmarks and or moles on their bodies. In addition to these connections, I have also found medical research, religions and entire cultures who believe that the birthmark is some sort of divine sign and or mark from the Gods indicating a past life.

I wrote an article a while back that had somewhat went into the subject of birthmarks called "The BirthMark of Cain." In that article I had made some birthmark connections to the bible and also ancient history. I also had explained how birthmarks were held in very high esteem amongst various secret societies throughout history.

What I have also found in the course of my studies is that there are very few people that have researched this subject in history and in fact I have only found one major Ian Stevensonstudy that was put out in the year 1997 by a man named Dr. Ian Stevenson who is a psychiatrist. In his study he found that an incredible 35% of the subjects who claimed they were reincarnated had also either birthmarks or birth defects on their skin.

Stevenson reported that in the majority of these cases "the subject's marks or defects correspond to injuries or illness experienced by the deceased person who the subject remembers; and medical documents have confirmed this correspondence in more than forty cases".[18] Many of the birthmarks are not just small discolourations. They are "often unusual in shape or size and are often puckered or raised rather than simply being flat. Some can be quite dramatic and unusual in appearance."[19] Stevenson believed that the existence of birth marks and deformities on children, when they occurred at the location of fatal wounds in the deceased, provided the best evidence for reincarnation.[15] His major work in the area of birthmarks is Reincarnation and Biology: A Contribution to the Etiology of Birthmarks and Birth Defects (Praeger, 1997), at 2,268 pages.

The birthmark that I have is  white and is located on my thigh. The mark is near my scrotum and shaped like a large spear head that is approximately 3 inches in diameter. It has always stood out in my mind as a young boy, where I would often stare at this bright white spot and wonder what the heck it was. Even then I had believed in past lives, but my boyhood wonder of the past quickly faded in this propagandist mind controlled world with absolutely no role model to speak of.

However, my wonder  for my past would come back and that mysterious birthmark on my thigh would once again start to fill my mind with questions in the past couple of years. It wasn't until just recently that my mind refocused on this mark, due to some research I was performing into my  ancestry that had revealed several of  my ancestors had these birthmarks.

My intuition was telling me that there was a lot more here than a simple white mark on my skin. It had meaning and my gut knew to look back at history to connect both birthmarks with reincarnation. Within seconds of my very first Google search into this subject, I had started to locate evidence and research confirming my suspicions.

In fact there are so many stories of birthmarks with connections to so many great men that we can now all say within reason that this is more than a theory and should be solidified as fact. Such great men as Pythagoras who had a golden birthmark on his thigh. Seleucus (the founder of Syria) who was said to be Apollo's son who also had Apollo's symbol of an anchor that was a birthmark on his thigh, just like his kin Pythagoras had. There was also Demeter with an ivory shoulder, whose descendants were all said to have the white birthmark. This same mark was passed along to all their descendants who were all born with a similar birthmark.

Could Sir Launcelot, King Arthur, and the the Merovingian kings be descendants of Demeter, Pythagoras and Seleucus?

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