The core of the American Religion, states Harold Bloom, is Gnostic, Enthusiastic, Orphic and millenarian.gnostic religion

It marks itself as Christian but it really is not. Mormons, Southern Baptists, Pentecostals, Adventists and various other expression of American
faith, including the whole diversity of American Protestant groups, call themselves Christian but, in their beliefs and spirituality, are closer to ancient Gnostics than to the early Christians.

Even Roman Catholics, Muslims and Jews in America, according to Bloom, are surprisingly gnostic:

We are a religiously mad culture, furiously searching for the spirit, but each of us is subject and object of one quest, which must be for the original self, a spark of breath in us that we are convinced goes back to before the Creation.

SOURCE: Taken from Orthodoxy and Gnosticism in Russia: The conflict between the Orthodox Church and American missionary groups in the post-Soviet Russia By Inna Naletova.

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