In pluribus Unum et Unum in pluribus; One in many and in many One. "The essential unity of all souls with the Over-Soul" is aQuote - soul fundamental postulate of the Wisdom of all ages.

That is to say all souls are one in essence, whatever forms they may ensoul.

But what is more; what is almost an overpowering thought, necessary though it be to universal progress; not only the human soul, but even the soul of the very grain of dust has the potentiality of expanding its consciousness into the All-consciousness.

Every soul is endowed with the power of giving and receiving with respect to every other soul; of passing through every stage of consciousness; of expanding; just as the One, the All-Soul, so to say, contracted itself into manifestation, into the Many, subordinating itself to itself, that every soul might know and become every other soul, by virtue of that Love which is the cause of existence. - GRS Mead

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