911 became the official emergency phone number in 1968, 33 (3×3=9) years before the September 11 attacks. number-9

The 9 symbolism seems to have its origination with the Knights Templar. There were 9 original members. They formed in 1111. For the first 9 years, membership was limited to only 9 members.

9 is also thought of as an evil or "selfish" number in that every 9 is also thought of as an evil or "selfish" number in that every mutiple of 9 (9,18,27,36,45,54.....etc,etc) contains digits that "add up" to a multiple of 9.

Lastly, 2997 people lost their lives that day - 2997 = 999×3.

- By Brother Pat Beaumier

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