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New World Order Gnews for May 3, 2013

new world order New World Order Gnews for May 3, 2013

THE NEW WORLD DISORDER – 2, 2013 – Since Bush 41 touted his New World Order, we have run trade deficits of $10 trillion – ten thousand billion dollars! Everybody – the EU, China, Japan, Mexico,

New world order is coming - These are stepping stones to a one-world government, a.k.a. New World Order/United Nations. This is the ultimate goal of the global elites. – The Augusta Chronicle-Apr 29, 2013

“To us, it is in line with Intel’s belief that its manufacturing and process technology prowess will pave the way for success in the new world order.” –  Analysis: Intel not expected to stray far from current path with new CEO – Phys.Org-6 hours ago

“In the new world order, we wish to employ women’s genetic inheritance as a big drive for development in new areas where emotional intelligence, discipline International Women Entrepreneurs Forum in Istanbul 2, 2013

Boston arrest prompts Homeland Security to verify all student visas The Guardian-4 hours ago -The new procedure is the government’s first security change directly related to the Boston Marathon bombings. The order from a senior official at US Customs

Toscafund’s Savvas Savouri On New World Banking Order ValueWalk-4 hours ago- Dr Savvas Savouri in his latest market discussion says that in the next seven years, the world’s largest banks (by market cap) will not be in the US anymore,

Unholy Globalization The American Conservative-16 hours ago  The pope is describing the dark side of globalism. The ideological basis of globalism was that, just as what was best for America was a free market where U.S.

Education key to globalization,- catholicvoiceoakland-3 hours ago-  Brother Alvaro Rodriguez Echeverria, superior general of the Christian Brothers, stressed the need for all people to have access to education during an April 24



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