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Is Lucifer Satan? – No, Lucifer is Not Satan!

Lucifer Is Lucifer Satan?   No, Lucifer is Not Satan!The confusion between Lucifer and this invented Devil named Satan is one of the oldest religious conspiracies that is still in effect to this very day. This is no surprise being that most all Christians are simply not educated on the bible, its history or the true meanings behind many of the biblical passages and the words that are contained in this book. My hopes are to educate you by telling you the truth in the most simple manner possible. In doing so, I ask that you please keep an open mind and that you do not shoot the witness.

The facts are Lucifer is mentioned only once in the Bible. ” How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning.” Isaiah xiv. 12.

Not any other time is Lucifer mentioned and at no time as it been mentioned with Satan or the Devil. Hence, any assumptions you may have that Lucifer is Satan or the Devil are false and simply based onheresy. What this means is that you need to get educated by reading about this subject yourself and I will also provide some research material with links below this article. If you think I AM lying or trying to mislead you, then the burden of proof is on you to prove me wrong. This is done not just by stating your alleged facts, but by also providing actual evidence which I bet that you will never be able to accomplish in a million years.

This case solved. Lucifer is NOT Satan or the Devil.

Below, I will provide a multitude of expert authors, books and links for you to investigate this yourself if you still do not “believe” what I know as fact. As they say, ignorance is bliss and knowledge is power. I choose knowledge.

Shakespeare and the Bible: to which is added prayers on the stage, … – Page 136 Rees – 1876 – 188 pages – Free Google eBook – Read

Lucifer is mentioned but once in the Bible. ” How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning.” Isaiah xiv. 12. Shakespeare uses it six times. ” Falls like Lucifer.” Henry VIII., Act iii. Sc. 2. ” Lucifer and Beelzebub himself.” Henry V.

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The Cyclopædia of Biblical Literature: Volume 2 – Page 275

 Is Lucifer Satan?   No, Lucifer is Not Satan! Kitto – 1851 – Free Google eBook – Read

6 ‘Zcurtiaos), a word that occurs once in the English Version in the linen — ‘ How art thou fallen from heaven, Lucifer, son of the morning ! This, the popular sense, is conveyed in the note in Barker’s Bible : ‘ Thou that thoughtest thyselfe most glorious, and as it were placed m According to ecclesiastical lia- dition, the author of the Gospel is the same Luke who is mentioned in Paul’s Epistles (Pbilem.

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The Genesis of the Bible – Page 5

 Is Lucifer Satan?   No, Lucifer is Not Satan! Saye Bambata Dolo – 2012 – 820 pages – Google eBook – Preview

But Lucifer is actually, the name of the Bright and Morning Star, and not the father of evil. King James translated Bible of 1611 A. D. In the Canaanites Amharic Literature of ancient Egypt, North Afrikan Mythology, the Bright and Morning Star,

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A dictionary of the Holy Bible, for the use of schools and young … – Page 194

 Is Lucifer Satan?   No, Lucifer is Not Satan! Robinson – 1833 – 361 pages – Free Google eBook – Read

This is the only place where the word Lucifer occurs in the English Bible, and it is here evidently applied to the king of Babylon. are without foundation, and arose in part, perhaps, from confounding him with the Lucius mentioned in Acts 13:1.

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Bible Basics:

 Is Lucifer Satan?   No, Lucifer is Not Satan! Heaster – 2001 – Preview

Comments 1. The words “devil”, “satan” and “angel” never occur in this chapter. This is the only place in Scripture where the word “Lucifer” occurs. 2. There is no evidence that Is. 14 is describing anything that happened in the garden of Eden;

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 Is Lucifer Satan?   No, Lucifer is Not Satan! McCallum – 2009 – 288 pages – Google eBook – Preview

I (along with most interpreters) think that this passage is not about Satan. For one thing, although Lucifer is a traditional name for Satan, people base that tradition solely on this passage. Nowhere else does the Bible call Satan Lucifer.

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3 thoughts on “Is Lucifer Satan? – No, Lucifer is Not Satan!

  1. Shaka Saye Bambata Dolo

    There was no person or divine by the name of Satan or Set-Tan, who was the evil brother of Osris of anceint Egypt ( Kemit) North Afrika . This is where the concept of Satan or the Devil came from…Everything that God created, He created in pair, eg. man and woman, positive and negative, good and evil, but this does not mean that, the Devil or Satan is responsible for the wrong one does. This is also the concept of the polarity or the duel nature of man and God. The Intelllectual elite of the world, such as others and myself found a way to control the ignorant masses of the world who are suffering from the greed of the ruling class. The oppressed masses has been fool into beliving that , their problems or suffering are due to the work of the devil..whoever the devil may be. No, I am not disputing the fact that , you have bad people and good people. Whatever happpens to free will?

  2. JJ

    Lucifer convinced primitive man to over identify with egoic identity and lose sight of his spiritual truth hence forth the fall from Grace, he is one as are all of us but does not deserve respect or admiration for what has happened in relation to this entity.


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