Fleur-de-lis Meaning – Blood line of the the Blessed Trinity

"I am prepared here is my keen edged sword, Decked with five Flower-de-luces on each side." - Joan of Arc

The facts are that when you see an ancient symbol that is used today by a country on their flag or royalty via their coat of arms that can also be traced back to ancient civilizations, you can be certain that it is the very same royal brotherhood using the same old royal symbols to honor their ancestors. It is really that royally simple.

The fleur-de-lis or fleur-de-lys in French literally means "lily flower" (fleur means flower, and lis means lily or iris). However, let me state that when you see this symbol emblazoned today on various flags or  engraved on royal crowns, the fleur-de-lis does not represent the lily flower, but the Trinity of the Brotherhood.  For it is and emblem of a blood line of divine majesty and the symbol of a particular royal Brotherhood that had originated long before the foundation of Rome, or the founding royal houses of France.

The fleur-de-lis is modeled after the lotus in Egypt that was associated with the psychotropic Nile Lily. The Nile is where this same brotherhood had originated. Therefor it is only fitting that they would choose an ancient Egyptian symbol for "plant" meaning "Tree of Life" that was three sacred lotus lilies as their symbol. It is the fleur-de-lis that has now replaced he Lily as a symbol of royalty of this same said Brotherhood to honor the three glorious lilies of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph.

The blood line of the the Blessed Trinity who is the Father, Ptolemy XIV who is the biblical allegorical Joseph, the Son Augustus Caesar (Jesus Christ), and the ever-blessed Cleopatra VII who is the allegorical Virgin Mary and Mother of God. Jesus, the Son of God incarnate being the first; the second to the ever-blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God; and the third to St. Joseph, spouse of the blessed Virgin Mary, and foster-father to the Son of God.

The white fleur-de-lis, often called the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary,  the flower of the Queen of Heaven, the Blessed Virgin Mary and a symbol of purity or whiteness. This day is held in like reverence by the Latin, Greek and Reformed Churches everywhere, as the day when the Angel brought the happy tidings to the Blessed Virgin Mary of the Incarnation of the Son of God as told in the Gospel of St. Luke 1 28, "And coming in, he said to her, “Greetings, favored one! The Lord is with you.”

Catholic.com says under "Full of Grace," that "These blessings included her role as the New Eve (corresponding to Christs role as the New Adam), her Immaculate Conception, her spiritual motherhood of all Christians, and her Assumption into heaven." Hence, the ever-blessed Cleopatra VII is the spiritual mother of all Christians and the New Eve of the New Testament. Augustus Caesar is the New Christ and the New Adam. When Catholics recite The Hail Mary which says "Hail Mary, full of grace. The Lord is with thee. Blessed art thou amongst women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus. Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death, Amen."

Hence, when the Hail Mary prayer is said, it is done for the Mary and her seeds (children/blood line) of the Blessed Trinity represented by the fleur-de-lis who the Virgin Mary is the New Eve via the New Testament in this 6th Age. This Mary and Eve is no other than Cleopatra VII who you will also find her under other names such as Mariamne I, and she is also called Mariamne the Hasmonean.

Monsieur Sonnini discovered an Egyptian statue, holding a sceptre, which terminated in a fleur-de-lis. The Blessed Virgin Mary, the last Pharaoh of Egypt, Cleopatra VII was of the family of Ptolemy and had always appeared in public clothed in a robe sacred to Isis, her head adorned with a crown of golden lily leaves. Cleopatra was a descendant of the Ptolemaic dynasty who are an ancient Greek family sometimes also known as the Lagids or Lagides who descend from Ptolemy I's father, Lagus. After the reign of Alexander the Great, they would be known as the Macedonian Greeks or the Hasmoneans, Maccabees, or Asmonians whose family emblem is also an eagle. This royal family ruled during the Ptolemaic Empire in Egypt which was called the Hellenistic period. In 305 BC, he declared himself King Ptolemy I, later known as "Soter" (savior). What this means is that this particular family who wrote both the Old and New Testaments, had made their Kings  into Saviors, Messiahs, Christs and the KING OF KINGS.

Their rule lasted for 275 years, from 305 BC to the time of Cleopatra VII  in 30 BC when Rome united with Egypt under the Savior and Messiah, Augustus Caesar. This same family you will find ancient times that his family had lived amongst various peoples such as the Assyrians, Greeks, Persians, Romans and the Egyptians. You can even trace this symbol into ancient Egypt depicted in artwork and also the headdresses of the Egyptian sphinxes.

You will find this symbol throughout history as an ornament on the crowns, scepters, thrones, seals, coins, etc. of not only French Kings, but also on Greek, Roman, German, English, Spanish, Egyptian, Syrian and  Babylonian Kings.



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  • Stephen Lewis

    Hello, I also have a family crest of 3 large gold Fleur de lis’ with a Royal Blue background. I think it goes back to Louis the VII or just after him. I am also a masonic KT. It feels right. What a great Phrase/statement – “As Above, So Below.” It sounds so resolute. Love it.

    • http://www.KnightsTemplar.tv Moe

      Thanks for your comment Stephen. The Fleur de lis actually goes back to Egypt and in particular, the Ptolemy and Herod dynasty’s which became the Tribe of Levi which later merged with the Caesars, aka Tribe of Judah. Egypt was where the magic of AS ABOVE, SO BELOW was first practiced and now what you see is Solomons Temple that is now world wide via AS ABOVE, SO BELOW. Peace, love and light be with you!

  • Brian

    I enjoyed your article. But I am still not sure I thoroughly understand. What brotherhood are you talking about? And are you saying that Cleopatra VII is actually Mary? I am new to this topic so I am sorry if my questions sound doubtful. It is ignorance of the topic in general and a deep curiosity to learn what this symbol truly means.

    • http://www.KnightsTemplar.tv Maurice

      Thanks Brian for your comment. Yes, it is a “theory” I have based on my extensive research and per the New Testament which is the product of this union.

  • SuperKnowledgeKing

    The Name Fleur de lis and the Today design of the fleur de lis was created by the franks (french) that had their stay in the netherlands region in that time
    at the LUTS river in the netherlands… Fleur means Flower in dutch bloem. Fleur de lis in dutch is Bloem van de Luts (Flower of the luts) This is the new symbol replacement for the old one.

  • M

    Hello! I have fleur-de-lis birthmark on my leg! Beautiful like a crown!:) Just wondering…

  • You’re funny

    You’ve got no idea what you’re talking about. Good chuckle here and there though. Well done, “warrior.”

    • http://www.GnosticWarrior.com Moe

      I find it funny that I keep getting people who say I do not know what I’m talking about, but they write nothing to dispute my information which is a typical propaganda technique. If I’m wrong, what does it represent then?

  • ted

    Funny how you can take almost any Pagan symbol or idea and just include it into your religion.
    So far from how the Bible actually teaches.
    Do these pagan Root not actually bother you? or do you just deny it?
    Amazing ! So pumped full of paganism.

  • https://www.facebook.com/brian.walker.1420354 Brian Walker

    This comment may either confound or spiritually supplement the content of this site, but it is meant in good faith. Mystically-initiated and thereby tasked to revitalize and disseminate a long-suppressed, life-after-life, ad infinitum cosmogony, without getting persecuted in the process, like Jesus in trying to propound it before me, I conduct a strategic and whimsical mission, called the Cosmos Coconut Club. I also operate a website, http://www.vigiltrust.co.uk, and a new Facebook page, The Vigil Trust. Both these sites bear the Fleur-de-Lis symbol, but not for the reasons above. My mystically-inspired understanding is that this symbol could well represent the balanced ‘Duality-within-Singularity’ constitution of the Ultimate Force, my more scientifically-orientated God, and that this Force will eventually evolve us into well-balanced Androgynous Beings on Earth, before going back into the universal melting-pot, so to speak, and starting Its ad-infinitum process, all over again. Yes, fellow travellers, a very big pill to swallow, as it was to me in 1980, when I was initiated to dispense it! Amen!

    Brian, Cosmos Coconut Club, Sri Lanka.

  • Afshin Nejat

    Would have been cool to see some of the different kinds of fleur-de-lis that exist around the world. Good article overall. But one wonders what you think all that means.

  • Julie Helm


    I have a very very old, heavily carved, hutch that came from Belgium many years ago. This piece has several Knight’s Templar symbols on it, scrolls, four pyramids, the burning grail, another grail with fruit (apples) wings, a bird, Lilly flowers, Fleur De Lys, two knights atop two horses carrying pennants, a painter’s pallet, several Merovingian symbols, a lion’s head, and a great many more very interesting
    symbols in a very precise order. There is an incredible amount of information carved into this piece. Can you look at it? I can’t help but feel it’s some kind of message. It’s beyond interesting.

  • Moonweaver

    Interesting read.