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Art Bell’s New Radio Show Has Been Cancelled

World famous radio show host, Art Bell had just posted this statement hours ago on his Facebook page, “Sometimes when you are ‘all in’ you win, Art Bell Art Bells New Radio Show Has Been Cancelledsometimes lose. By mutual agreement, Dark Matter will no longer air as of tonight.”

I’m sorry to say to all of you Art Bell fans out there, but it looks like the infamous paranormal and conspiracy radio show host will no longer being doing his current Sirius XM Radio show that he had just started this September. The long awaited live, nightly call-in show called “Art Bell’s Dark Matter,” had only aired for six week since September 16th.

Here is more of what Art Bell had to say on Facebook;

“I started the show with the expectation that my listeners would be able to stream the show since most were coming from AM,” Bell tells us. “They started the thirty-day trial and found that it was dropping out on them every few minutes. After the 30-day trial most did not renew; why would they? Faced with paying about 180 bucks a year for something that was not working right, what would you do? So I lost my base.

My show is based on call in; if all I am left with is truck drivers (love them but the cell connections are not good) with cell phones going down the road at 70 MPH… well you get the idea. So I asked Sirius to allow free streaming for a year until they could fix their problems, and they said no. The show was simply not viable under these conditions. – Art”

Before there was George Noory, there was Art Bell who originally created and hosted the first radio show on “Coast to Coast AM”, which lasted for 15 years until he had retired from radio in 2003. Bell got into radio at only 13 years of age as a amateur radio operator, and later had hosted radio shows while serving in the Air Force in Vietnam. Later when he returned to United States after the war, he started a new late night show on a Las Vegas radio station that eventually became his nationally syndicated show, “Coast to Coast AM.”

The 68 year old radio show host was the first true pioneer of both the paranormal and conspiracy themed radio shows, who had paved the way for many of the radio show hosts and podcasters that you see today. However on many conspiracy theories he didn’t agree with, such as 9/11 which he had dismissed stating on his website; “God Bless George W. Bush and the U.S.A.,” right after the attacks on the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001.

If there are any more updates on the status of Art Bell or his show, I will be sure to report it here on

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One thought on “Art Bell’s New Radio Show Has Been Cancelled

  1. Abraxas Father of Thot

    I’ve noticed RT and Al Jazeera streams stop and buffer and go off the air all the time on my Roku and mobile device. Someone doesn’t want us to know certain things and they have the power to keep the population as dumbed down as they deem fit. If everyone questioned and had access to Truth, the system would quickly fall apart. It’s a shame to lose access to shows like these.


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