The Mother of Demons

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In the Old Testament, the nocturnal demon Goddess of Death, Lilitu (Hebrew: לִילִית‎ Lîlîṯ or Lilin) is the head of the female demons, and is said to be the main cause of all the ills and diseases that especially afflict children. She was originally associated with the Succubus female and with a demoniac first wife of Adam. “When Adam, doing penance for

Watch a Worm Squirm Across a Man’s Brain

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All insects, animals, and mammals such as humans are infested with many different kinds of worms which today we call parasites. Many life forms on earth can live symbiotically with these parasites, but sometimes they can also become sick with illness and even almost die from these worms as in the case of  a 50-year-old Chinese

Twinkle, twinkle little worm star. How I wonder what you are!

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Twinkle, twinkle, little star worm, / How I wonder what you are! / Up above the world so high, / Like a diamond in the sky. These shiny lights in the sky look just like bright stars twinkling in the night, but they are actually bioluminescent glow worms (Arachnocampa luminosa) hanging from the walls of a cave in New