The famous criminologist Torreblanca, who had gone to the root of Diabolical Magic, describes accuratelyQuote on demons all the phenomena of astral disturbance, when classifying the works of the demon.

Here are some extracts from the 15th chapter of his work on Operative Magic: "

(1) The demon is endeavouring continually to lead us into error.

(2) He deludes the senses by disturbing the imagination, though he cannot change its nature.

(3) When things abnormal are manifested to the eye of man, an imaginary body assumes shape in the mind and so long as that phantom remains therein, the phenomena continue.

(4) The demon destroys equilibrium in the imagination by a disturbance of the vital functions, whether by irregularity in health or actual disease.

(5) When some morbid cause has destroyed this equilibrium, and that also of reason, waking dream becomes possible and that which has no existence assumes the semblance of reality.

(6) The mental perception of images in this manner makes sight unworthy of trust.

(7) Visions are bodied forth, but they are merely thought-forms.

(8) The ancients distinguished two orders of disease, one of them being the perception of imaginary forms, which was termed frenzy, and the other corybantism, or the hearing of voices and other sounds which have no existence.

(Eliphas Levi, The History of Magic, 1860, p. 250).

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