Many people who think they are living by the light of truth are actually living in the darkness of

If this is you or someone you know, the reason you are being misled is because you do no research yourself. If you rely on information that is fed to you even by alleged truth telling gurus and you do no fact checking yourself, you are open game for the dark lords to deceive you.

This is nothing personal against you, but your ignorance and your laziness.

In order to reach the light and the truth, you have to look within and find yourself. If you wish to understand the world in which we live, you will also have to do your "own independent research" into the subjects that inspire your soul and bring love into your heart.

You will need to stop relying on self proclaimed gurus and other people to do the work that you must do on your own.

This is the basis of gnosis and becoming a Gnostic in order to truly know thyself and know thyworld. In other words, to live in true light and the truth of love.

What I mean by this is actually reading old books and studying your own independent sources. Simply relying on Youtube or modern day alleged truth tellers to be feed you information is not going to cut it.

You have to walk on the path of common sense and use reason to discover your own truths.

No one can find it for you and there are no leaders in the so-called truth movement who will lead you to the heavenly homeland. In fact many of them are doing the exact opposite and leading your ass into hell.

You must do a lot of looking in the mirror at yourself in order to work on your faults, weaknesses and improve yourself.

It also take a lot of independent thinking. A lot of research and a whole hell of a lot of being alone.

Simply said, to live in the light of truth and gnosis takes a lot of independent hard work. There are no shortcuts, Youtube videos and or conferences that will do this for you.

Whether you understand what I'm writing or not really makes no difference to me. Your understanding is based on your intelligence, reason and common sense and or lack thereof.

These facts are baked into the societal cake. There is nothing new under the sun.

DISCLAIMER: This article is written in relation to mainly conspiracy related subjects. My statements above were not intended to apply to everyone who seeks truth . There are also legitimate teachers who can help lead you to the light.

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